Dec 20, 2009
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    Chef, Volunteer work for sustainable agriculture and keeping pig, fish & moth genes out of vegetables (don't google it if you are about to eat dinner in the US, in the EU you're ok for now). Providing access to healthy food for those who can't access it or afford it.
    Headphone Inventory:
    IEM's: Westone 1, JVC/VICTOR-FX500, Sleek SA-1's, Klipsch S4, Brainwavz Betas, UE 5SFVi, Soundmagic PL50,
    Cans: Soon Grado SR60 Mods
    Source Inventory:
    Unibody Macbook, 1g& 2g iPod Shuffle, 3g 20G iPod, 3g 32G iPod Touch
    Cable Inventory:
    Badly in need of cable mods and/or solder skills.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Long ago, in 1990 with two jobs & cheap rent bought a Adcom GFA-535 amp & GFP 555 preamp (always preferred them for their lack of lights/bells/whistles), Denon 23-F Turntable w/ GradoZF3 cartridge, Sony X Cd player (don't recall) & a pair of Polk Audio Monitor 7 ser 2. Two years later, apartment got robbed. Friends would bring over their records to hear them on it. I've never gotten close since (never had the disposable income again). Damn, now I'm gonna go listen to some 128k mp3's through my iPod and swallow a glass of anti-freeze.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    FLAC, Lossless but also enjoy some "impure" effects on a track by track basis. Just a noob but open-minded.
    Music Preferences:
    W.C. Handy Jazz, Swing Era, 50's Jazz, Opry/Sun Studio Country, Smithsonian Archives, Doo-Wop,60's Girl Group/Phil Spector, British Invasion, Ska to Rock Steady to Reggae to Dub pre 1984 at latest, 77 Punk to 80's Early HC, This century: UK Pete Doherty Related. Most folks say, y'know all kinds, this is my specific response. Prefer original masters (Hoffman, DCC) lo-fi & audiophile are not mutually exclusive for me.
    Not a HD, Blu-Ray enthusiast. Like DIY or self service-able gadgetry. Like to fix things folks used to fix, toasters, vacuum cleaners before we just decided to throw them out. The gear in the back of Radio Shack that people used to actually go to Radio Shack for.
    Frightened to post, exhausted with searching currently, trying to change that.
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