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    what are your thoughts on when your favorite band/artist/musician sells out to make more money?

    My favorite group's genre's main idea is the common definition of 'selling out' so...
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    Ultrasone 900 Vs Monster beats by Dre Studio

    Quote:     Quote: It hasn't?
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    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    First graph on my SR60i's. Kinda expected it to sound like the second graph.
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    Great headphones for under $100?

    No Grado SR60i and SR80i? Aren't those below $100?
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    *Your* History of Sound (music)

    My history of sound can be summarized in my two separate's;   Early teens:   Mid-teens (now):
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    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    Grados are American-made, too. >_______>
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    Pop Music that is secretly good

    I used to be secretive about listening to Korean pop about 5 months ago, but fastforward to today, after coming out of the (rofl) kpop closet, I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed. Been buying albums left and eight.
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    Skullcandy Aviator appreciation

    Indeed, but with the admin putting in a few good words about it, I'd have figured the bashing would've died down. Guess not.   I'm open to trying these, they do look pretty nice.
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    Skullcandy Aviator appreciation

    Ah, the usual mindless bashing. Gotta love head-fi.
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    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Streetlight Manifesto's Would You Be Impressed?, SHINee's Lucifer, Girls' Generation's Hoot, Angels and Airwaves' The Moon-Atomic, and some other songs sound more enjoyable on my SR60i's than any other headphones I've heard.
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    Any way to increase the friction on the Grado metal rods?

    I think I'm gonna stick with the tape one, I'm not that confident of my modding skills. Thanks guys. Although I will have to redo this once my hair grows again.
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    sound just like Grado SR60 but more easy on the ears?

    You could also try bending the metal band. Worked for me, it's way way less tight now.
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