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    Silver Dragon broke again any other suggestions

    Ive had 2 silver dragons fail on me. Drew was kind enough to send me his pair to listen to, but unfortunately that failed as well. On the 650s, I found that the silver dragon was the best sounding. The equinox was lacking weight, the blue dragon was nice but lacking sparkle(I mean in...
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    Cary Audio Design!

    Yes, Im kinda surprised at bhd12s assesment of the cary. I havent yet heard a better headphone amp. This includes supras, MOH's (with the 04 module very damn good though...) preheads, hr-2s, etc.. etc.. they were all found lacking compared to the cary 300 sei I owned. That amp was truely...
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    Best CD Player in the $2000 - $3500 Range Used...

    If its dynamics, and PRAT you are looking for, along with strong bass response, Id definately check out the Ikemi. That was my favorite cdp out of any Ive owned including an scd-1, sacd mods 555es, and(at least in the high end catagories, well for your average joe high end....)a metronome cv-2...
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    What volume do you listen to your SR-71 at?

    senn 650s dne10 pcdp appx 3 o clock
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    Hi Todd. Just wondering if the equinox came in yet. Im good for funds(at least right now ). Thanks, k.s.
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    Thanks Todd! k.s.
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    Recommendation for sub $500 subwoofer?

    Id say go for a used titan or quake sub from aci. Very musical and tight subs. k.s.
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    Meier Prehead..................$625

    Sold. **** that was fast... k.s.
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    Favourite Led Zeppelin Song?

    Quote: Originally Posted by xixco "What Is and What Should Never Be" \" Count me in with that one! IV and houses of the holy are my two fav record, 2 is pwetty good too. I thought 3 was just awful... k.s.
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    Does the Silver Dragon Senn. cable have enough bass?

    Im using a cheapy sony dvd player with a corda prehead and the silver dragon cables and it has great bass. If you want more, you might want to try another cable though. Have you heard the resolution differences as well? The olbach probably gave much less resolution in the lower bass area. When...
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    marantz pcdp????

    Yes I did notice the many features, which I do indeed have no use for. But if the sound quality is better, than so be it. thank you for the reply! any one else? k.s.
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    marantz pcdp????

    Is this what you guys are talking about? Im looking for a pcdp for mostly sound quality, I dont plan on listening on a bus or the like. I know **** about portable audio. Something readily available as I only have about 3 weeks before I...
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    got the 2004 headroom max with attenuator

    Interesting. I thought the MOHR I just returned was damn excellent, but Id give a slight nod to the prehead. Perhaps those transformers and attenuators make the difference. But at 3 times the cost I think id get more gains buying a new source...(which Im gonna have to do anyway since Im...
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    Should I get my C555ES modify or by a used Sony SCD-777ES/XA777ES??

    Quote: Originally Posted by stryker What's in the 777 v. the modded 555? I guess there's the changer vs. single-disc argument along with some power supply differences. Is the DAC powered a lot better on the 777? You're not going to be able to improve much on the Zapfilter for the analog...