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    Pico Slim

    Hey Headfi,   I got a sweet little Pico Slim in superb condition available. Comes with a leather case and a 3.5mm male to male cable by FiiO. I'm asking $300 obo on it and am Paypal preferred.    Thanks for looking and please shoot me a message if you have any questions or anything. 
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    Best Mac Audio Player?

    I've been using Audirvana and have been creating no-audio proxies so that Itunes handles my library. So far, its the best system I've tried cause Audirvana sounds superior to everything ive tried and the Itunes library management is wonderful since I can control my library on my phone! 
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    GEC 6AS7G Straight Brown Base

    Hey Headfi   I have a GEC 6AS7G Straight Brown Base that is in absolutely fantastic condition. It was used with my Bottlehead Crack but now needs a new home. If you're interested in the tube, I'm looking to get $180.00 for it.    Thanks for looking Headfi!
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    Chatham/Tung-Sol JAN-CAHG-5998

    Hey Headfi,   I have a Chatham/Tung-Sol JAN-CAHG-5998 for sale that was used with my Bottlehead Crack minimally.    I'm looking for $100.00 on the tube as it still works great!    Thanks for looking!
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    Tung-Sol 7236

    Hey Headfi!    I have a Tung Sol 7236 for sale for $45.00 obo. I purchased the tube off of Dubstep Girl via these forums. This tube was purchased directly from Woo Audio and is in absolutely great condition.    Thanks for looking headfi!
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    Raytheon JRP 5687WA Tube

    Hey Headfi!    I have a Raytheon JRP 5687WA Tube for sale. I used it with my Bottlehead crack that's modded to run 5687 tubes minimally.    The tube still works great and I'm looking for $20.00 obo, please pm me!   Thanks 
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    12BH7A Tubes for Sale - RCA + Tung-Sol + Sylvania

    Hey Headfi!    I have a couple of 12BH7A tubes for sale. These tubes were all used minimally with my Bottlehead crack and are still in perfect condition (besides label wear).    Sylvania Short Gray Plate Square D Getter 12BH7A Tube - $10.00   RCA 12BH7A Tube, Test 93/100, Long Black...
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    E80CC Tubes - Tungsram + Telefunken

    Hey!    I have some E80CC tubes for sale. I used these tubes very briefly with my Bottlehead Crack so are still in fantastic condition.      Telefunken E80CC Double Triode Tubes - $60 for the pair or $35 each   original...
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    Westone ES5

    No problem! Thanks for looking! 
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    Westone ES5

    I personally prefer the es5. The sound is very balanced and doesn't try to overemphasize the bass, mids, and highs but still manages to produce unbelievable microdetailing. It doesn't image quite as well as my jh13s but the sound signature is definitely more enjoyable. I hope that helps you!
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    Heir 8.A

    Hey Headfi!   I've been recently doing some IEM shopping and am trying to fund a new flagship so I decided to put up my Heir 8.A's up for sale.    The IEMS are in perfect condition and come with the original case, cable, and cleaning tool!   I'm looking for $525 shipped OBO, please feel...
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    Westone ES5

    Hey Headfi!   I've been recently doing some IEM shopping and am trying to fund a new flagship so I decided to put up my Westone ES5's up for sale.    The IEMS are in perfect condition and come with the original case, cable, ear oil solution, cleaning tool, and cleaning cloth!   I'm looking...
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    WTB: GEC 6AS7G

    I have a Bottlehead crack and got a chance to try it with a GEC 6as7g tube (it was very microphonic and had channel issues so i returned it) and it matched perfectly with the HD800s.    If anyone has a tube or even a pair of GEC 6as7g's you'd be willing to part with please let me know, it will...
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    Fully integrated media center my roommates and I got to enjoy over the last year

    Between my roommates and I we've set up a pretty comprehensive integrated media center and I've took the time to photograph everything so I thought I'd share! Sorry if I posted it to the wrong section but i thought this post would get some good discussion regarding headphones so I posted it...
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    FS: FiiO E17 Alpen

    Hey Headfi!    I have a FiiO E17 Alpen that I purchased from amazon on September 8 2013 (so it still has a little bit of warrantee left) and is in very good condition. I'm only trying to see what I can get because this thing hasn't been getting as much use since I upgraded to the iBasso DX90 +...