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    How does driver size affect virtual surround?

    Deep bass is "must have" for soundstage size. Generally, bigger drivers are capable to move more air. But this an assumption with any specific choice. So I recommend to search the reviews of these cans for bass depth. Do not miss it with weight. ATH-AD700 is excellent with virtual surround while...
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    BLOX BI3?

    Check the seal, try smaller tips and deeper fit.
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    RE272 review and comparisons to ER-4P, HD650, ATH-CK10, IE8

    HiFiMan will release new flagship. Or you can buy XBA-3 which is pretty good.
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    [REVIEW] Blox TM7 - King of 'Buds

    What were the source / records?
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    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Here am I, re262 fan. I do prefer re262 over re272 due to the sound sig, though I consider re272 to be technically better. Judging by Leo888 forum sig headphones, I bet he will like re262 more too.
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    Best clip-ons: Yuin G1A, ATH-EW9, KSC-35km, modded KSC-35, Yuin G2A, MDR-Q68LW, DIY Grado clip-ons, KSC-75

    I consider Yuins to have deep-modded Koss drivers, even using new coil. They have felt cover glued, so it is not easy to get inside. And I do not see why to mod these drivers. You still may play freely with clips, headband, foam, back plate, even cable.
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    Sony Ericsson "Live with Walkman"

    I am about to buy it and report on comparisons to iPod 5.5gen (best iPod to me) and HM-602.