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Headphone Inventory
Current rigs:
[laptop] > HM-602 > KDE250 | RE262
Sansa Clip+ > MDR-Q68LW

Gone but not forgotten: TM5, PK3, KSC-35km, ER-4P/S with custom tips, PK1, G2A, G1A, DT770/80 Pro, RE0, MDR-F1, AH-D2000, SR225, Shure E500, ER-6i, ATH-AD700.

I auditioned 100+ headphones and owned 30+ of them.
Headphone Amp Inventory
See above. Gone:
- Pico DAC/amp
- iBasso D10
- XIN Supermicro IV (best for Ety, DT990, nice for Kosses)
- TTVJ Millet Portable (best for Yuins OK1)
- iBasso D3
- FIIO E5, E3, E1 (useless crap, sorry)
- Meier Corda Move (drives HD650 well)
- Laconic LunchBox II (brings life to DT880)
- iBasso D2 Viper (drives D2000 well when op-amp rolled)
- PA2V2
- Headroom Total Airhead
- Headroom Total Bithead
- Audio-Technica AT-HA2
Source Inventory
See above. Gone:
- Pico DAC/amp
- Sansa Clip
- Classic 160 Gb
- Sansa Fuze 8 Gb
- Cowon D2
- Echo Indigo DJ
- Squeezebox Duet
- iPod 5.5G 80GB
- iPod 5G 60GB
- iPod Nano 4GB 1st gen
Cable Inventory
- Chorus
- Some DIY Mogami Neglex and navships SPC ICs and headphone cables
- SendStation PocketDock line out usb
- many inexpensive cables
Other Audio Equipment
Basic multimedia 5.1 set + 5.1 USB sound card
Audio-Related Tweaks
KSC-35km, PortaGold, PK1km
Music Preferences
Too many genres to list, I love music and hate noise. My most favorite genre is blues.
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Buyer's guides to the Best Earbuds & Clip-ons
AirPlay > Apple TV > RS 220 | iPod 240GB > BLOX BE5 | Sony MW1 > MX680 | Custom ER-4P is under construction.