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    ATH M50 Mod Thread

    Every time I've had that problem, it was backed up by lower-than-expected voltage going through the connection, as verified by a multi-meter. Aka, bad joint, which requires re-soldering. I'd replace the jack anyway, though, if only to give you better loops to work with on the second attempt.
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    ATH m50s broke, found a replacement band on ebay what are your thoughts

    It'll be a simple process. The first thing you'll have to do (that isn't reversible, anyway) is de-solder the wire that runs inside the headphone band from each cup. It's how the signal goes from the left driver to the right one. Once you do that, You'll have to remove the cups from the old...
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    I waited until February of last year and bought my Z3C used for under $400. While that wasn't quite as cheap as something like a Moto G/E or OPO, it was worth it. As far as Aluminum unibody construction goes, I couldn't agree more. If the M9 were just a tad smaller, packed at least a decent...
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    That's the exact reason I bought my Z3C. I hate that one handed shuffle you have to do when you are trying to get your thumb some place new on a phablet. Using it two handed is even worse. I'd say the Nexus 5 had the most ergonomic feel, followed by the 2013 Moto X, followed by the HTC One. I...
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    Is it worth getting really high-end headphones if your source is 320kbps audio files?

    I think the spirit of his answer warrants an answer that is generalized, or it wouldn't be answered at all. Unless you're using something like an Audeze LCD-3 with source components to match, and especially if you're talking about a setup that can leave your house, there's only one answer.
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    New Member Introductions thread

    No text editor will have read/write permission in system without root. You're missing a step =p pucknut76,you will need to root your device to be able to resolve this issue through software. There's a process to do so, but it involves flashing a firmware downgrade + update on your device if you...
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    Ath M-50 Wiring solution after fixing 3.5mm plug

    Well, let's start with the obvious. How much wire do you have left? I don't think you've done any irreversible harm, but you very well could if you start mucking around inside the cups. I'd head over to the custom cable Q&A thread for your heat shrink question. To get a bit more in depth, I'd...
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    Problem with Neutrik minijack in smartphone

    This cable has an end you're looking for:
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    Are you using Sixaxis Controller by Dancing Pixel Studios or something else? Did you connect the DS4 to a computer and make its MAC address fit what the Android app was looking for?
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