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    Headphones for under $100 with best bass?

    My vote goes to AKG K-81 DJ, great deeeeeeeeeeeeeep bass
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    FREE SENN. 555 XMAS contest

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    Headphones for Ipod

    I am looking for headphones for my Ipod. I am not going to use amp so Ipod must be able do drive them and don't want IEM or buds. I listen to rock and hip hop and enjoy good bass but need headphone that would ge me the best of both worlds. My budget $100. I l was thinking about Senn 485 (they...
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    What kind of phone is this?

    looks like portable water heater
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    ATH-FC7 and HQ-1700 - differences?

    wow that's interesting, too bad theay are only available in Europe
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    Best Upgrade for an Ipod

    also consider Audio-Technica ATH-FC7
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    ATH-FC7: Review

    anyone using those with Ipod? How is battery life, looks like they would drain them pretty fast?
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