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    how to transfer music to ipod without itunes?

    Wow thats a lifesaver!!!   Now I can send songs to ipod without losing by Sanity but can I view songs inside my ipod somewhere on foobar?
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    Grocery refuses credit card to purchase amazon gift cards

    I am trying to buy amazon gift cards with my amex but the grocery stores refuse my credit card (even if I can give my ID to verify). They insist on cash or debit for gift card purchase. Did this happen to you?
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    Westone replacement cable for UE10-pro?

    Can anyone tell me if these cables from Westone can be used for my UE 10pro?
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    Is it ok to install central AC at around 50 degrees?

    Installer say its not a big problem but I'd like to know more opinions.   Thanks for your background info.   I think its more of issue with refrigerant pressure since its dependent on temperature.
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    Is it ok to install central AC at around 50 degrees?

    We bought a new house and need to replace a furnace and air conditioner. I've already signed a contract to replace both but a friend told me that the pressure testing of the AC piping has to be carried out at temperature above 60 degrees. Should I delay the AC install since temperature will...
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    Can you detach cable from UE-11?

    Do you need any special tools? Are there any aftermarket cables for UE11?   To detach the cable do we pull the cube connector with letter L/R or do we pull the cable?
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    Can you detach cable from UE-11?

    My earphone's cable became loose on the left side and I have to twist the cable to a specific position to hear any sound on the left mold. It "looks" like the cable can be replaced but I can't pull it out with reasonable force. My question is: Are the cables designed to be detached from the mold...
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    I heard there is a universe with a similiar solar system like ours.. Does this mean anything?

    It means there is this funny spaceship at the center of galaxy who sells timeshare. Play the game spore and see what I mean.
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    How is rent calculated as income tax in USA?

    The option ARM meltdown and Alt A mortage meltdown does simplify things but Im not sure if it will happen. It all depends if the FED can fool the corporate world to spend their cash and start hiring by 2012. To me, Jobless rate seems to have bottomed and will slowly go up in a zig zag pattern...
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    How is rent calculated as income tax in USA?

    WOAH!! sometimes the diversity of head-fi's talents and knowledge amazed me to no end!   Thanks uncle erik for the sound advice. Have been tracking the case shiller index for a long time and real estate is still a falling knife to catch. However, one has to bet against the market at some...
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    How is rent calculated as income tax in USA?

    hiring a tax specialist for 2 general questions sounds overkill. I'd prefer to hire them for hard number analysis which may be beyond my realm of interest.
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    How is rent calculated as income tax in USA?

    I have a question on tax issues for foreigners owning real estate in USA. It seems that rents are taxed at 30% withholding tax flat unless I file US income tax return. When I looked at different income tax brackets like 10% for $0-8475, does the amount mean purely my collected rent or collected...
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    trying to rent off campus housing near boston university

    I am trying to rent a 2 bedroom apartment bear boston university, preferably <20mins walk to its school of management under $1650 but I find very little properties within my specs on craigslist. Increasing my budget to $2000 only showed a few more listings but nothing substantial. My question is...
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    Who will win the FIFA world cup?

    how come I don't see north korea on the list?
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    brazil vs north korea thoughts!

    I don't support any teams in this contest but after watching the north koreans I will be supporting them to the very END! Their fighting spirit is absolutely impressive. I hope they qualify from their group.