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    Tesla T1 Vs. Lcd-2rev2

    Quote:   That's not an opinion.  It is, quite literally, a prejudice.     Head-fi is valuable because people articulately describe their subjective experiences of all the different equipment.  Others read these people's _opinions_ of equipment, size up if the person speaking values...
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    Reply to review by 'koax' on item 'Beyerdynamic DT-831'

    This is the funnest headphone review I've ever read. Bravo old chap!
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    Are you happy with your AKG K501s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by abc Wow...not a lot of negatives about this puppy. Very interesting. ...that although I adore the K501's, that I use them now exclusively for listening, and have found that they introduce another completely new dimension of texture with their super-wide...
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