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    Denon AH-D7000 Also on ebay see link

    Up for sale a minty shape Denon AH-D7000, very rare scratches, they look absolutely like new, except for the cable that is a little bit twisted, but perfectly working   No scratches on the headband nor the white parts, come with the box in perfect shape, and sound perfectly !   Paypal fees...
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    JH Audio Angie Astell&Kern Edition

    In perfect condition iem, comes with the invoice, they have 2 months, it's a top notch sound that i regret to put for sale but well, too expensive for me !   With so many drivers you can expect everything you dreamt from an iem, top bass, that you can adjust with a scroll wheel, fantastic...
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    Reply to review by 'klypso' on item '1MORE EO323 Multi-Unit Earphones'

    Any comparison against the FLC8S?
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    Earsonics Velvet Crystal

    Up for sale a beautiful pair of Earsonics Velvet crystal in mint condition, not so much used, 30 hours max i would say, they are still under warranty.   Best universal iems for the price, really, i sell them only because i mostly use my speakers, bass is incredible, especially sub which is...
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    Sony MDR-CD3000

    Up for sale a good looking pair of cd3000, headband is in a ok shape, otherwise the cups and pads are totally perfect, no scratches, huge souondstage for a closed can and crystal clear highs, i don't listen to them that much so they rather go to another headphone lover ..   The stand is not...
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    Ultrasone Signature Pro Mint

    Up for sale my pair of Sig's pro in mint condition, used ~10 hours, the plastic is still on the carrying box, comes with the original packaging (not on the picture) and 2 cable   For now it's my favorite closed can's, really balanced with top notch highs, even my Focal 913 don't go so far !  ...
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    J$ Headband

    A beautiful and comfy headband for your grado's and others, unfortunately no longer available !   In very good condition, only the black plastic thing on the left side seems to be a little bit glued, anyway it's hard to see
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    SoundMagic HP150 Like new

    Up for sale a pair of SoundMagic HP150, for this price i've never heard something better, really balanced, i could use them all day long but well, my sig pro is so exciting ..   Comes with everything, carrying box, a cable + extension the headphones are like new, no scratches or blemish, not...
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    WTB hd580
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    Mosscade 502

    For sale a beautiful pair of Mosscade 502, they sound really good for the price, they received 5 stars from popular sound magazine   They are in very good condition, as i'm not at home at this moment i can't up some pictures but if you're interested, i will !   Price include shipping anywhere
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    [WTB] Ultrasone Signature Pro

    Looking for a pair in very good condition, let me know your price
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    [WTB] Westone or Earsonics Iem Cable

    Hi,   Looking for this cable, tell me your price !