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    VE - A New and Impressive Earbuds Brand

    I meant the two new models in the very first post.
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    VE - A New and Impressive Earbuds Brand

    The most important part about in-ear anything, is the quality of cable. How quick will it wear out? How soon will a broken cable destroy your musical enjoyment?   That is the question of utmost importance!
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    Too Many Positive Headphone Reviews

    After about a year of NOT POSTING, I have a negative review ready to be written.... soon.
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    Grado e Series

    Just got the announcement in the (e)mail about the "e" version of iGrado. Excited so so much. I hope the cable and sound are both better, thus it would be worth buying for all my portable open air needs. ^hope they ARE improved, otherwise it is...
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    Audeze Robbed of LCD Series Headphones

    I wish it was me who stole them.   Sure, I would be a DIRTY CRIMINAL, but on the other hand, I would have LCD headphones!
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    Grado e Series

    So, today I found out the speakers on my model are switched from left to right!   Sent them an email, awaiting reply.
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    Reply to review by 'klarkkentthe3rd' on item 'MP4Nation Brainwavz M1'

    Thank you so much! Head-Fi, along with other sources, is doing God's work by informing ME (the most important person in the universe) about the most neutral headphones for cheaper price. Definitely going to add these to my wish list.
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    Grado Fan Club!

    Latest news: bending the headband does nothing to improve the sound. It's a placebo thing. I (carefully) bended it back in, to get back the secure fit on my ears.   Also, happy Nondenominational Winter Friendship Day.
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    Models like Sony MDR V6 (sound and price wise)

    Only the ones I ended up on, Grado SR80e. Everything that came before was inferior.   I wish there was an affordable pair of closed ones with a neutral response and detailed and warm sound.
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    Koss SP540 Impressions

    He got kidnapped by Koss Kommandos.
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    Models like Sony MDR V6 (sound and price wise)

    Seeing how I spent what I had on what I own now, the only thing left is to dream and speculate.   Exploring this really nice site ( I found that MDR V6 is among the best 100 dollar closed cans that reproduce all frequencies pretty much perfectly...
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    Grado Fan Club!

    I would order that headband if I had 50 dollars to spend.   However, if I had 50 dollars to spend, I would spend it on music instead (To Buy list of lengthy).
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    Reply to review by 'klarkkentthe3rd' on item 'Grado SR325e'

    Still waiting for someone other than me to review SR80e.
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    Koss Portapro Thread

    Here is a question: do the red, black, and white editions come with volume control? Kind of a big deal since those cables tend to break very quickly.   I am talking about these editions: