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    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

      yep e18, that's the one I was looking into before         I have lollipop, but if I remember correctly only certain roms have it enabled by default or something?  I have ARHD right now and at some point I was thinking about switching to cyanogen because I think cyanogen had it...
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    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

        yes on the amp but not currently, maybe in the future.  my current source is an HTC One M7.  I've been looking for a good usb-otg android dac/amp, which I believe fiio has one.  But I am not 100% sure my M7 supports audio via usb-otg.  I've read somewhere that M8 does (or did I read M9). ...
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    Headphones/IEMs Recommendation for Office Use

    Hi Guys,   I've been out of the game for a while now, so I'm not even sure what's good and what's new anymore.  I've sold or gave away most of what I had before and only kept my favorite, my FA Eternas.  I also have a pair of Hippo VBs that I misplaced before when I was liquidating and just...
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    Cheap Speaker Setup for Gym

    I'm looking for a speaker setup for my home gym.  I've had a couple threads before about this subject and had a lot of ideas in mind, most of them though costs a lot and for some personal reasons, my budget right now is very limited.   I am now looking for a $100 or less setup, preferably...
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    3.5mm stereo solderlesspanel mount

    Can any one suggest a good quality 3.5mm stereo panel mount that does not require soldering?  I'm looking into adding an AUX input to my car stereo and looking for a panel mount jack I could use that hopefully wouldn't affect the SQ too much.   I was originally planning on getting this...
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    connections suggestions

    Quote: looks good.  I'll try this, thanks     I'm looking at the active Rokit 6s by the way
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    connections suggestions

    I was wondering if you guys can give me some suggestions regarding how to connect my system together.   I'm planning on buying a pair or Rokit 6s, a Logitech Squeezebox Touch, and a TC Level Pilot volume control.   Now I know I can connect the Rokit 6s to the volume control via xlr.  But...
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    warm sounding musical front ported active speakers

    good point on "monitors" being designed as neutral and critical, because that's what they're meant to be. I'm new to this game though, any suggestions for a better set of search terms? I would guess "speakers" would be too broad and would give me a lot of junk results. as for the prodpipe vs...
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    Need help with getting a BUDGET speaker setup!

    Probably not audiophile grade but the one I have in my room right now is an Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass: It's $70 on Amazon but I remember getting it for...
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    warm sounding musical front ported active speakers

    That's interesting. I'll have to read up on this then because most of the reviews I've read suggest having some space in the back so it won't distort the sound. This is actually one of the ones I'm reading about right now. That's a cool price too for the speakers that also includes a stand...
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    Audio System for Home Gym

    it looks ok but I think I'm gonna go with the squeezebox. its internet radio capabilities is a great selling point IMO. that way I don't have to listen to my mp3s all the time I'm also thinking of adding components to it though, mainly a nicer/larger set of speakers. I'm thinking of...
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    Audio System for Home Gym

    ok i did a few initial searches and came up with something like this: logitech squeeze box (or other network players) -> amp -> speakers or squeeze box -> powered speakers seems like it'll fit in my $300-$500 budget any thoughts on this? any components to add/remove/replace? suggestions...
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    Audio System for Home Gym

    i need some help planning out an audio system for my home gym. the gym's gonna be in an unfinished basement with concrete walls and floors. area is about 20ish ft x 20ish ft but only half of it will be the gym area so i don't really care if the sounds fill the room or only half of it. and...
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    [REVIEW] Fischer Audio - From Russia, with love.

    I just got my eternas v1 last night and listened to them for about half an hour and I'm liking them so far :D   compared to an m6, the eternas are definitely an upgrade.  more controlled bass, clearer details   I haven't had the chance to compare them to my turbines yet
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Quote: 1 for wifey and 1 for gf lol       anyways, yes I did mean 1 black 1 white.  I already fixed my post, thanks