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    Xiaomi Pistons 3.0 Impressions Thread

    Sorry, I read through the thread, just that the chart on the first page threw me off. OP should update that.   Anyway, appreciate the response. I guess I'll go with Tinydeals since they're cheaper and seems like faster shipping (ibuygou took over a month for v2's). Did you select "PostNL...
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    Xiaomi Pistons 3.0 Impressions Thread

    I ordered my v2's from ibuygou. Unfortunately, both pairs broke within 6 months (one after just 1-2 months, and the other just died a few days ago at the 6 month mark). Gonna take the risk and order the v3's since I really liked the sound of the v2's but it seems like they're going for $27+ CAD...
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    Beyerdynamic Custom Ones! New Beyer headphones!

    Finally finished reading this thread. I just want to clarify some things: Back around page 30, it was mentioned that there are two other "Custom" headphones, have they been announced yet? Also, it seems like there is no problem with COPs clipping, as those were just defective pairs?
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    [GUIDE] Sonic Differences Between DT770-DT990 Models & More

    I have the choice between the DT770 and DT990 for the same price. Which would you guys get and why? I know that the DT770 is closed while the DT990 is opened, and although I usually prefer open, I am willing to try anything and not going to make that a deciding factor, as I don't plan to use...
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    Sennheiser HD518 HD558 HD598 HD559 HD589 HD579 HD599 Support Thread

    Quote: Yes, I agree. I'm pretty sure Sennheiser wouldn't just put a piece of foam simply to degrade the product. But I wonder why they made it removable, instead of using a material that was permanently stuck, or at least not so simple to remove? Also, I'm pretty sure Sennheiser were...
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    Sennheiser HD518 HD558 HD598 HD559 HD589 HD579 HD599 Support Thread

    I finally did the foam mod after about 7-8 months of owning my pair. I honestly have to say I'm not impressed. Maybe my expectations were way too high from reading all the comments of how the change was "night and day" and super drastic. There is a slight difference... I feel that it opens...
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    Earphones with microphone controls for Android devices recommendations?

    Quote:   Quote: Thanks both of you for the fast and helpful responses! Appreciate it :)
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    The discovery thread!

    I can pick up a pair of Klipsch Image S4's or JVC HA-FX40's for about the same price ($30) at futureshop. Which would be better choice? I feel like the S4's have better build quality due to the flat cable. Durability is very important to me, but unless one sounds WAY better, then I'll...
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    Returning HD428's. Unless...

    Hey all, I purchased my first "real" pair of headphones 2 weeks ago when my steelseries headset broke :( I decided to get a pair of Sennheisers since I've always heard good things about them, plus I had bestbuy giftcards :D I enjoy them for music listening, although I'm no audio expert. But...
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    [DEAL ALERT] $65: Refurbished Audio-Technica AD700

    How does this Bing Cash Back thing work? and has anyone bought a pair of refurbished ad700's from or I want to know if the refurbished are good quality, and do they come with original boxing and the adapter?
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