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    Brainwavz S5 IEM Headphones Review

    My review is up.       Feel free to ask me questions or want me to try a particular genre/song.
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    Review by 'kingpage' on item 'Brainwavz S5 In Ear Headphones'

    Design and Comfort S5 is a new higher-end in-ear-monitor from Brainwavz retailing at about US$100.  I’m glad Brainwavz has offerings at most price points below $200. It's great that companies such Brainwavz and SoundMagic help bring down prices; if not for them, we would still be paying an arm...
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    Reply to review by 'kingpage' on item 'Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headset with 40mm Drivers and In-Line Mic'

    It depends on what headphones you're used to. Most likely it will sound large to you, unless you've been spoiled by open-back headphones.
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    Quote:   Before, it was too easy to tip over (only when you gave it a slight push or the headphone's sitting near the edge). I made an upgrade to my Headphone stand. It probably needs some painting, but it'll stay this way until I get some left-over paint from somebody.  Perhaps I should...
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    Headphone Choice

    I had the Creative Aurvana Live!. It's great for movies and games as many people already know. I was blown away as a newbie. Then I had the HM5 (aka FA-003, Jayar, etc). It's much better than CAL! for just a bit more. You can read all the HM5/FA-003 threads and reviews to see what I mean. I sure...
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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Quote: Wow, the weight would probably deter me from buying... I was just think I'd get a HE-500 or similar if I was to upgrade in the "distant" future.   My HM5 with quite a bit of dynamat inside only weights 310g with the cable.
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    1000 things you've learned from Head-Fi

    It's been a year already! Happy new year, everyone!   478. I haven't been around head-fi for a while, and my wallet has been happier and I'm still content with my humble gear.
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    REVIEW: Fischer Audio FA-002W High Edition

    Quote: Yup.   I guess someone would reverse engineer it and post the schematic for us to DIY.
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    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    My impression of B2: Yes, it reminded me of M4 (mostly mids). Then, I noticed it has very adequate amount of bass quantity, similar to HM5's. The bass is tight, punchy and fast, compared to my HM5. There's nothing much to write home about in the midrange; there's more authority in HM5's vocals...
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    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    I doubt there's much difference in objective SQ between SM3 and B2. Joker gave SM3 a 9.4 and B2 a 9.2.   When it comes to preference, even a HTF600 is "better" than HD600. (see here)
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    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Yup, high end earphones aren't for everyone. Many (audiophile) head-fiers are treble-heads and they want enhanced details which usually come from high frequencies.
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    Review: Fischer Audio FA-003 - a neutral champ!

    Quote:   Ever thought the echo is in the recording itself?
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    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Quote: Burn-in won't do anything for BA drivers.
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    Review: Fischer Audio FA-003 - a neutral champ!

    Quote:   What's the theory behind that?