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    Fidelizer appreciation and impressions thread

    Same experience here...bravo indeed!
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    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

    I just changed the jumpers of my V200 to gnd and dc current. With my Zodiac gold dac and lcd-2 headphones I now experience a substantial better sound: more transparent purer sound, better timbres, more lively, more air,  tighter bass etc. It is like listerning to a better amp. Everybody should...
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    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

    Since a few weeks I connected my V200 with a Lessloss original power cord. In my revealing system (Zodiac gold dac and audeze LCD2vs2) it is like listening to a new, better amp. Everything sounds now much more natural and more  like real music...better timbres, much more holographic stage better...
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    Zodiac Gold "Runner Up" for Product Of The Year in Stereophile

    A few days ago I changed the 2 fuses in the Voltikus power supply for the black hifi tuning Supreme fuses....made my antelope gold even better sounding...a very worhwhile upgrade . The dac now sounds even more like real music.
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    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    Quote: I couldn't agree with you more..The difference between my new rev.2 just new out of the box and now after 250 hours is substantial.     
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    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    Quote: Sorry I have never heard the I cannot comment on that...    
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    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    The rev2 needs at least 200 hours of burn in to start sounding real good.Before that it can sound strident and harsh with some material. And no, it is not myself getting used to the sound.
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    Burning in Shure e4c?

    Burning them in for at least 50 hours made a tremendous difference for the better. Robert Ps this had nothing to do with learning to get a good seal, because I used IEM's before . My ears are rather well trained, because I have earned a living in the high end audio business for a long time.
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