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    Feedback by 'killaHz' on listing 'Shanling M6 (2021) with case, like new, 7 mos. warranty remaining'

    The kind of buyer that the hobby needs more of. Good communication, swift payment, and friendly to boot.
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    Astell&Kern A&norma SR25 MK II - Available November 2021

    Gah! Where's my Roon Ready?! C'mon, A&K: have some mercy on us bottom feeders.
  3. Shanling M6 (2021) with case, like new, 7 mos. warranty remaining

    This is an excellent/like new Shanling M6 2021 that I received as a warranty replacement for a unit that was purchased from Musicteck in May. This unit is great. So why am I selling? Well, the idea behind the whole purchase was that I could treat this as a transportable Roon endpoint playing...
  4. Custom Art FIBAE 2 CIEMS for reshell

    These were my first CIEMs, and they're pretty darned great. Two weeks after they arrived, I won some 64 Audio A18t CIEMs in a raffle, though, and that's made it difficult for the FIBAEs to get much listening time. So I thought it would be good to let some other starving music lover take...
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    Hello from Hapa Audio: New Sponsor

    If you're going to spend time around people listening to music, you might as well look good. Cables will only fully transition to necklaces, though, when wires are no longer necessary to achieve great sound. This is what happened with wristwatches; now that even the best watch is an inferior...
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    Hello from Hapa Audio: New Sponsor

    However great they look, though, most of the folks around here are going to want to know things like material and gauge of wire.
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    Hello from Hapa Audio: New Sponsor

    Those cables look amazing. They're really on a whole other level designwise than most of the braided cables out there, even really expensive ones.
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    New Flagship Headphone "STEALTH" From Dan Clark Audio, Now Available To Demo.

    Looks like I may need to head down to The Source. And rob a bank.
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    Astell&Kern A&ultima Series Players Receive Roon Ready Certification

    One of the futura DAPs is Roon Ready. As is one of the Kann series. But yes, Roon should be taking the work that it did to make the Ultima series work, and should be using that work to make ALL the modified-Android DAPs out there--whether A&K's or some other brand's--sound better. It's crazy...
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    Dan Clark Audio Stealth Review, Interview, Measurements

    I don't like elastic in things that should last for decades, so I shall stick with my trusty Ether C 1.1s. Yeah, that's why.... But they look damned impressive.
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    Shanling M6 Player - New version with ESS DACs coming soon

    Is there a manual for this DAP other than the Quick Start Guide it ships with? I'm trying to diagnose some sample rate conversion stuff, and figure out why the MQA indicator light isn't on. And there's a manual for the old M6, but that version, of course, doesn't have MQA capability, so that's...
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    EarMen Tradutto

    EarMen comes up with much better names than most in the industry.
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    A Vote About the Headphone Jack Position of Bluetooth DAC/Amps

    Jeez. There's no reason to be rude.
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    I'm the kind of guy who will, apropos of nothing, just start sitting around and thinking about the philosophy of audio. So I was doing that, and I got to thinking about something about this subjectivist/objectivist divide that seems unclear to me: isn't subjectivism anathema to the concept of...