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    I find it makes the mouthpiece stick to my lips, and with the frostbite the sound really sucks.
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    No added hardware here, but one of the firmwares on the player:
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    Will we all be using pocket PC's in a few years?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hanafuda I guess I'm just stating the obvious. I'm probably also missing the obvious. For example, as someone who's over 40, I really can't understand why people want to put a music playback device together with a phone, but a lot of people want this, and it...
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    Why doesnt a company make a 1" long pure silver power cord???

    Lead is still used inside most large IC's to connect the chip to its packaging (Ball Grid Array).
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    Why doesnt a company make a 1" long pure silver power cord???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jolida302 Silver doesn't work for power cord. It only works for interconnect and speakers cables. Surely not cost effective, but doesn't work? Care to explain why you CAN'T make a power cord out of silver?
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    BRANDS / DAP's with dedicated "Line-Out"

    Most/all of the Sansas that use their own plug (e200, fuze, view). I haven't used any dock accessory, but I've read the level is done digitally, and retains a setting independent of the earphone setting.
  7. Kicksonrt66 1gb Clip for $10

    Quote: Originally Posted by onurrus Can we use Sd card to make the storage bigger? If yes I will buy one too.I am really wondering how it is sounding.. No card slot on the clip. How is shipping from woot? Might end up more than the $13.99 w/free ship that had (got 2...
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    Why doesnt a company make a 1" long pure silver power cord???

    Quote: Originally Posted by royalcrown As a reply to the OP: A better question to ask would be: why not just rewire the entire house with fancy cable? Surely if 6 feet of 10k cable makes a difference, over 100 feet of even 100 dollar cable should make exponential differences by...
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    Why doesnt a company make a 1" long pure silver power cord???

    There's already a forum dedicated to non-logical discussion of cables and such, and it doesn't have "science" in the name.
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    What device do I need to compare two headphones?

    Unless you are mostly interested in relative loudness, the big thing is level matching. 0.1 dB is the usual standard.
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    Vinyl-quality sound on the go

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule . I don't know of any portable player that can take 96, only 44.1. Some, I have one, can do 48 kHz because that's used for digital tape.
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    Whats wrong with firefox. I HATE IT

    I use FF with flashblocker on sites with a lot of flash. The image zoom plugin is nice too. I'm mostly using Chrome now. Some cool stuff like it has it's own task manager so you tell if 1 tab is being a real cpu/memory hog and kill it. One problem if you're loaded with tabs and want to "X"...
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    The NIKON Thread (Talk About Nikon Stuff here)

    Quote: Originally Posted by dj_mocok Just for fun shots: By the way, Olympus was once very formidable in prosumer P&S (especially their C8080 Wide zoom - I am still excited by that one even now) market, but I am not sure which direction they are going now... They are sort of lost and...
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    Your Fantasy Portable Player: Describe It!

    Quote: Originally Posted by cyanbomb 7. >32GB Flash Memory - I can buy a 128GB thumbdrive, 64GB SD Card, but not a PDP with the same capacity. Ridiculous. 8. Test-tone Generator - 20Hz - 20Khz, and digital pitch pipe. Godsend for musicians. And since it's got a microphone, why not...
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    **30Gb Zune? Go ahead - Switch it on!**

    Quote: Originally Posted by Drag0n I thought this was going to be some kind of joke, or maybe like the Y2K thing where all the computers were supposed to crash for the year 2000. I WEll, pretty much exactly like that except the part where nobody fixed it before the big day...