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    SOLD: Dali Mentor 2 Speakers shipped $875 shipped

    Excellent price for these speakers. Includes grills and original box.           There are a few minor dings and scratches in the veneer and a tiny chip in the paint on the baffle on one of the speakers, but otherwise the speakers are in great condition. More pictures available...
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    ~$2000 Speaker Budget (Considering a B&W 600 Series, thoughts?)

    You may want to look into the Evolution Acoustics MMMicro One when they come out.
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    Audio-GD DAC-19MK3 $335 ** Sold **

    Just upgraded my DAC in a rather significant fashion, so I'm letting this one go at a very reasonable price. Continental US only. Works perfectly fine. Only cosmetic damage is a stripped screw which you can see in the side view and I've also provided a close-up.  ...
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    Audio GD CIA-400 or Emotiva XPA-2?

    I have an XPA-2. No experience with the Audio GD amp, but I do have their DAC 19MK3, which is excellent. The XPA-2 is a monster though. It has a very dynamic sound and it hardly ever gets past the first led light in terms of powering the Energy RC-10s. XPA-2 gives me ton of headroom for the future.
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    PC-->EMU0404-->LittleDot MKIII-->t-amp-->Energy RC10

    Ahh yeah, sorry for the delayed response. Reason I got the XPA-2 was to give myself a bit more headroom when I wanted to upgrade in the future and also I had to strike during the Christmas sale. I've heard it was more dangerous to not have enough wattage than to have too much. Haven't been...
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    Just sold rhythmdevils a set of Equinox cables for Sennheisers. Communication was very clear and the transaction went very smooth. Payment was sent immediately. Would do business again!
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    Advice Wanted =] for Classical music headphone system under $2500

    Honestly, I would avoid buying the HD800s and go for a more modest rig to see if she enjoys it, and also, a speaker setup wouldn't be that much more expensive if so at all. For example, you can get a very solid speaker, the energy RC10, for $300. The problem with the HD800s is that you need...
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    EF1 with HiFlight Upgrade Kit $195 shipped

    ** continental us only! ** SOLD Selling an EF-1. Comes with HiFlights upgrade Kit (JJ ECC82 tube and AD743JN Op-Amp), the stock OPA opamp and an AD8599. It will also come with the RCA silvertop. Good condition. Scratch on the bottom and the sticker on the bottom is fading as pictures...
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    I'm going to the dark side... but not too dark (Which Sennheiser is for me?)

    I haven't heard too many say that one is 'clearly' better than the other. It comes down to preferences between the headphones. Supposedly HD600s are the more balanced ones out there. 650s are more bass-heavy and darker, but a lot of people feel that the HD650s have a higher ceiling with the best...
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    FS: HD600 w/ Equinox $350

    Sorry, forgot to put it down. It's 8 ft long.
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    FS: HD600 w/ Equinox $350

    Getting out of the headphone game and into speakers, so I'm trying to ship these out. HD600 retail for $300 new, as does the SAA Equinox cables. Equinox is terminated via mini, but 1/4 adapter is also included. I'm also including stock HD600 and HD650 cables if you want to do experimenting...
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    HEAD-DIRECT EF-5 Headphone amplifier

    I have an EF-1 that I'm selling for $200. Includes the upgrade kit from HiFlight as well (ECC 82 tube, washers, AD743JN op-amps). I'm throwing in the RCA cleartop tube and the two other op-amps (OP275 and AD8599) I have for it as well. Don't want to 'spam' this thread with my sales, but just...
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    Do you really need multi headphones when you buy a statement headphone

    I prefer having multiple headphones. When I want something more intense and upforward, I use Grados. When it's late at night or I'm trying to study and I need something more mellow, I go to the Senns. Ultimately, how the music sounds to my ears is what is most important. It'd be harder for me to...