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    Shure AONIC 50 -

    Just got these. The sound is the real deal. With that said. On my computer, I've tried to use the USBC wired mode. I get sound but after a few seconds it stops. Has anyone had this? I'm dying to give it a thorough listening to connected.
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    [REVIEW] Sony MW1 - Smart Wireless Headset pro

    I don't see why not.  Your tablet is Bluetooth v.3.   Should be fine.  
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    [REVIEW] Sony MW1 - Smart Wireless Headset pro

    I wanted to chime in.  I have a pair of Jaybird Bluebuds and switched over to the MW1 out of curiosity more than anything.  For reference, I have an, RS180 and an Denon AH-D2000 for my main use.  In any event, I haven't even looked at the Bluebuds since I've gotten these.  SQ is...
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    SRH840 impression

    Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab Mine have almost 100 hours on them now, and they continue to impress with a very open, even, balanced sound. They lack any evidence of being a "closed can" sonically (although they do isolate very well). Tomorrow I think they will be broken in...
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    SRH840 impression

    I think they're a sponsor here. I'm sure if you emailed or pm Flavio he'd take care of you.
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    d2000 question**amazon alert** ship!

    It's been between 218 and 229 for the last two months. Kind of clues you in on the MSRP markup on these things.
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    IEM's with sound signature like D2000?

    Quote: Originally Posted by royalmathmtcs The IE8s are the closest to the D2000 sound that I've heard, but if your limit is $200 I would think something like the Monster Turbines or Atrio M5s would be within reason. I have a D2000, M5 and the Shure's e500. You'd be surprised...
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    Can someone with Denon 1001's please take some measurements for me?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong ^ I dunno about them being too big for portables...I've certainly seen loads of people walking around with bigger ones. But they're not ideal for a whole host of other reasons. I love the D1001s, just not for the outdoors. Conversely, I love the...
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    Can someone with Denon 1001's please take some measurements for me?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Joriarty OK thanks guys, sounds like they aren't the sort you walk around the street wearing . It's just hard to get an idea of size when there are only photos with nothing to scale them against... I owned a pair of the 1000's. They're pretty big to...
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    Audio Technica ATH-AD700 vs ATH-AD900

    Quote: Originally Posted by Beefy I disagreed after listening to both - and that is why I bought the AD900 With any good you begin to suffer from severe diminishing returns the further up in pricing you go. A part of the fun of this hobby (and many others...) is determining...
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    Audioholic's Review of Denon AH-D1000

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lamprologus I made a comparison today of D1000 and ES7, it seems as D1000 don't change much with 50+ hours of use. Source is an old Harman Kardon CD player, HD7600, dating back to approx. 1991. It's slightly on the warm side of neutral and is not the best...
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    Upgrading from Sony Ex71 - Westone UM2

    Quote: Originally Posted by Blueorb I finally took the plunge and ordered me a set of UM2's. They were on back order, but have been shipped today!! Now will I notice a little improvement from my old EX71's, or will the difference blow me away? They will be paired with an I-audio...
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    Contributing Member

    Quote: Originally Posted by AuroraProject Yup, you're updated. To specify, it appears that newer members who contribute will only receive the bold blue user title, older contributors still have the "Contributor" title and headphone icon. Oh. Lol...I feel silly.
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    Contributing Member

    Hey a few weeks back I donated some money to head-fi. Anyonoe know how long it takes the site to update your status as a contributor? Kevin