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    Quote: Originally Posted by drewfus420 good eye... I got that can for $25 when some noob looped out on his just finished custom CBR600 and dumped the bike off at the local Honda dealer not wanting it back. i HAVE DONE A LOT MORE SINCE THESE PIX, IF THE BIKE WAS IN ONE PIECE (oops) i...
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    Flashlight-Fi (LED & Conventional)

    Because we're expecting a beach assault at Seattle any day now...
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    Looking for portable closed cans that sounds like open ones

    Well I went with the Ath-M50s in the end. They just came in the mail and even without burn-in, they sound great. They're surprisingly similar to my 500+ hour HD555s, but with more bass. Very noticeable on songs with dragging bass lines, less so with drums. Sound stage, detail, and highs are all...
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    Sennheiser HD448 ($100) vs ATH-A700 ($110)

    Shure SRH-440, AT ATH-M50, and Denon D1001 are also commonly recommended for closed phones in that price range.
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    Sennheiser HD485 vs Sennheiser HD555

    Some people have tried turning their HD555s into pseudo closed cans by filling the housing with blue tac. Not my cup of tea, but supposedly the results aren't bad. I'm sure "HD555 mod" will come up with threads about it and more.
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    Sennheiser HD485 vs Sennheiser HD555

    Never heard the HD485, but I do enjoy my HD555s very much. However for metal and dance, you may be better served by a closed back headphone that offers more bass. I wouldn't say the bass is lacking on the HD5xx series, but it is very tight and focused. Dance/house/electronica sounds fine through...
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    Looking for portable closed cans that sounds like open ones

    Quote: Originally Posted by kunalraiker I don't know much, but I don't think this can be achieved after comparing my Grado's with my HD 25-1 II I know it's a long shot, but the sound doesn't have to be spot on with the open cans so long as it's still enjoyable. Top contenders...
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    Looking for portable closed cans that sounds like open ones

    I've been searching for portable headphones (no IEMs or buds) that will replicate the sound out of my Sennheisers (HD555, PX100) without leaking large volumes of sound. - Closed - Isolation not so important as just not leaking sound. - Exceptional comfort is a must. I have medium sized...
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    I've now seen pens and flashlights with tritium inserts. Who's got a blade with one (or 10)?
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Quote: Originally Posted by PouncePony How many people do you see b1tching? 1 or 2? Mostly people are stating what their status us. People are just trying to figure out when they might get their earphones. You can get off your horse now. -PONY I am addressing those few who are.
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    I'm one of those who could never do the treadmill thing. Having scenery fly by is so much more interesting, even if you're running in circles around a track.
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    What is the coolest jeans out there?

    Does anyone care to explain to me what qualities to look for in jeans that tell them apart? They all look basically the same to me, for men anyway. I've been rocking $30 Old Navy jeans for years and have never felt the need to buy $70-90 pairs.
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    Audio Tech Ad700 & Sennheiser 555: Expectations ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by chinesekiwi tbh, I dislike the HD555. Not because it' a bad headphone, but more it does nothing well. There are others in the HD555's price range that beat it in music and others that beat it in gaming i.e. AD700's. I've had the HD555s since April and...
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    Kate Beckinsale Google your own pictures, she's worth it
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    What do you call this

    I call it confused. Serious: Sounds like you do small and detailed motions with your left and large, athletic movements with your right. Is the hand gripper perfectly symmetrical?