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    What's the most punctual SQ awesome BASS IEM or open back?

    I think the Hyla CE-5 or Hyla TE-5B are what you are looking for. But I don't know if it's possible to get them at this price.
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    WTB InEar ProPhile 8s

    I am looking for the above phone. If you are interested in a trade please look at my sig. and we might arange something. Cheers Jens
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    iem that makes vocals sound as good as hd650

    As I have both the HD600 and TG334 I think they are very close in the vocal part.
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    FS Price Drop FitEar TG334 - King of mids

    Hello, i am selling a FitEar TG334 in very good condition. I got it from another headfier last year in exchange for another iem. ( If you don't know them have a look at...