Headphone Inventory
Abyss 1266 Phi TC
MrSpeaker Aeon Open
64 Audio Adel A12 Custom
Headphone Amp Inventory
Audio Research REF 75SE speaker amp used for Abyss
Audio Research REF 5SE Preamp
Violectric V281
Source Inventory
Zenion i3 with Euphony software with Linear Power Supply
Cable Inventory
MIT Oracle Pro 50 HD Rev2
MIT Oracle MA-X AES/EBU Digital Cable
JPS Labs Super Conductor headphone cable
Shunyata Sigma Ethernet Cable
Shunyata Sigma USB Cable
Power-Related Components
Kubala Sosna Power cables
Other Audio Equipment
Sonnet Morpheus DAC
Innous Phoenix Reclocker
Keces P8 Linear Power Supply
Empirical Audio Off Ramp 5 USB/Spdif converter
Empirical Audio Dynamo Linear Power Supply
Music Preferences
Rock and Jazz