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    Face Off: Auzentech X-Meridian Vs. X-Fi Prelude Vs. Onkyo SE200

    I am using Onkyo sound card , why is the superior Onkyo card not recognized as the excellent sound card it is One reason is the lack of upgraditis . I think people love the chance to modify and with a Onkyo its not necessary. Im extremely happy with mine after using the chaintek Onkyo...
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    Little Dot Dual Mono ....How good is this Amp ????

    can anyone help me to answer this. they look good what else is good at the same price I currently listen with Croda Move thanks people
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    High pitch screech from AV-710

    i thought that my card must be broken mine only does it from cold boot to get rid of it I require another boot then i never get it until my pc has been completely off for a while then im very likely to get the noise. It has been alot less with the lastest drivers
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    Need help in selecting Amp to 10 watts

    thanks for excellent suggestions here . could i have someone suggest some SS 10 watts type amps as well . thanks
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    Need help in selecting Amp to 10 watts

    i would like members helps in suggestions for a amp capable of driving efficient speakers as well as headphones. up to 10 watts per channel +or- dont mind 12 volt options as well Dont care if SS or valve Not necessary to be the lastest and greatest budget to $2000 thanks
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    Do you have the best sound in the world?

    I feel that this is a pretty good setup
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    Why do Grado's have Better Attack then Senns?

    what you have are the 2 types of headphones. two different systems of delivering sound sens have gone for the singing in the bathroom effect. you know how you sound better when you sing in the bathroom well sens are that way. by pulling the ear speakers of your headphones away from your head...
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    What exactly are the technical benefits of driving headphones in balanced operation?

    what does balanced sound like. Who has the answer. who has done the big A B Test at the end of the day the teckno stuff doesnt matter its bums on seats type thinking DOES IT SOUND BETTER ??????? IS IT WORTH IT ?????? a simple answer from someone that knows .....................
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    How the EX-51 Put Me on My Anti-Sibilance Mission

    i have the same thing with over bright ect ect. I found that the better the amp the less the problem the other way I fixed my problem was to adjust the height of earpads on my headphones , which was easy on dt150 , but I ended up witht the pads at half their original height. the reason I...
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    Best Bass?: Beyer 440 vs. Grado 225 vs. Senn 590

    at the moment i have dt770 dt150 dt931 dt770 have bright highs with less mids as every one knows and of course plenty of bass , for me just that little too much bass what the dt150 offer is a little less bass but with a midrange and similar highs to dt770 dt931 similar to dt770 with...
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    Does Anyone know how often Headroom has a Sale

    I know they had one last year. But do they do it every year. Also what discounts are on offer. Is it like say x% off every thing or just clearing for new model upgrades ect. how long do they last. and what is the headfi member discount with headroom , my memory thinks that there is...
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    I have purchased a US Model Pereaux Headphone Amp and need help with power conversion

    I need help to convert the power to my Australian 240 volts from the US 115 volts. Does anyone either have circuit diagram or knowledge of the conversion. I have taken the unit to a local hi fi repair man but he wants the circuit diagram before he can help. I expect that perreaux people are...
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    Looking for Opinions on DT-770 80Ohm Vs DT-770 250 Ohm

    I have a Pimetta The specs: AD 8620 op amp, L & R (socketed) AD 8610 op amp, ground channel (socketed) 6xBUF 634 buffers (socketed) 4xElna Cerafine 470uF 25v ps caps Vishay/Dale 1% metal film resistors (hand matched to .1%) Wima 4.7uF reservoir caps Kemet 10pF ceramic C6 cap JFET...
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    Top 10 reasons not to buy a Rio Karma

    i love my rio charma reset couple of times only problem for me is it does not keep count of times played for songs , which of course is the basis of alot of the nice playback features other than that very happy screen scratches are minimized by putting a screen proector from a...