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    Anyone have tips on recognizing a Fake IE80?

    Another hint for fakes could be the foam inlay for fitting the Earbuds in the "drawer" of the transport case.   Fakes usally have the old type of foam inlay, which fits for the  IE8/IE80 and IE 7.   The original ones(as i know) have a new foam inlay whicht fits only for the IE8/IE80.  ...
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    Bought new senn ie8

    Can´t see any picture(gmail error).  Better use imageshack or picasa if you want to stick to google.     I found this webpages 2secs ago:   Checkout their big detail pictures for comparison.
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    Bought new senn ie8

    Well what you can do is checking detailed pictures and measure yours.   I got fake IE-7 once, but it was hard to see the truth without knowing the original ones for real.   2 Things:  was there a foil around the black plastic of the metal case? Is the Cleaning tool included and has...
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