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    Campfire - Solaris

    Hey thanks for that @gnahra! I’m preferable to a Werner sound than neutral m, clinical or stark. I believe the “feel” of a DD would be better for base than a BA. Shame there are no retailers here in the UAE :(
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    New Member Introductions thread

    het all! ive joined as ive heard he community her is super helpful and the trading forums are reliable and fair safe compared to other places :) cant wait to dive right in to the IEM market!
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    Campfire - Solaris

    anyone have a comparison between Solaris 2020 and the Andro gold? I see both available on classifieds occasionally and wondered which would have the wider soundstage and decent bass (not EDM style but clean for Jazz listening etc.
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    FiiO FD5 - 1DD Flagship from FiiO

    perfect! thanks @ledzep will get some too