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    best brainwavz IEM for me

    thank you, I've also read the M4 is the least bass-y of the lineup. The M2 seems to be the one I should go for if I stick with Brainwavz. That seems to be the general opinion. can you elaborate on it?
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    best brainwavz IEM for me

    The price is right as well. The reviews are a bit mixed though
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    budget basshead IEM recommendations

    (sort of a cross-post)   Hey guys. I was wondering which IEM you would recommend to someone who loves bass (used to listening to 12" subwoofers in my car) and listens to rock, electronic, and hip-hop. Basically a fun-sounding IEM for mainly gym use. I won't be using an amp and prefer to stay...
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    best brainwavz IEM for me

    Thanks for your suggestions. Im trying to stay at or below $60. As far as I can see, I can't get the Sony's for less than $80.
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