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    Pair of SOtM BNC cables - 75 ohm, 1m

    On offer, a pair of 75 ohm, 1m SOTM BNC cables, mint condition. They retail for $700 EACH. I am selling the pair for $1,000 net to me (add shipping and paypal fee). They are a massive improvement over the stock BNC cables that come with the Hugo MScaler. Only selling due to needing funds for...
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    SOLD Apex Teton w/ TOTL Tubes! Best Amp for HD800/S! +tubes!

    I have not heard it myself, but based on some frequency response curves I saw for it online (which look pretty similar to the HD800S), plus the type and impedance, it most likely would be a great amp for it.
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    I am DONE with FOSTEX TH900 pads...

    Thanks for the response, guess to be fair I don't use these for months *and* months - at least 9 months since I last used them - but still! None of my other headphones have degraded like this, and I use them a LOT more. Hard for me to think acid perspiration is the problem when my everyday...
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    End-game Dac hunting 4-5k

    Well, if you have the dough I'd say Chord DAVE + M-Scaler. Failing that, my personal choice would be the Okto Research DAC8.
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    Best Amp + Dac for HD800 S

    Hmm by what I've read, it didn't seem the Pinnacle had the same level of synergy with the HDs the Teton had... but of course, could be... :)
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    Best Amp + Dac for HD800 S

    I run mine out of Neutron->Chord HMS->Chord DAVE->Apex Teton(USAF596/Tung-sol 5998/6SN7W)->HD800S And even WITHOUT my PEQ to neutral this thing sounds OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing. I honestly would LOVE to hear anything that can make the HD800S sound better than this. My PEQ'ed STAX rig barely...