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    Darkvoice just released 332

    Quote: Originally Posted by fetalgoat Be careful with wen audio. The say they sell pairs but in reality you're only buying one tube. If you buy two pairs of tubes they will only send you two tubes rather than 4 tubes. Paypal won't cover your losses either. I bought 4 M8100s from...
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    Bought K171 today: First impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by ludoo They don't seem that big... Are you saying that because they don't fold, or because they tend to strangle you if you wear them around your neck? It's true that they aren't really that portable, mostly because of the typical AKG self-adjusting...
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    No difference.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pete7 So what is exactly shocking about audiophiles not being able to tell the difference between coat hangars and Monster cables? This says something more about the quality of Monster cables rather than about cables in general. I have to agree with...
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    Darkvoice just released 332

    Quote: Originally Posted by russman Thank you godkin, shellylh, zodduska. Seems like these tubes are hard to find.. i manage to find a store in taiwan that sells these mullards, but they have two version.. so i dont know are these good ones or clones? Seems like they have plenty of...
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    Darkvoice just released 332

    Quote: Originally Posted by Godkin Good combo, Russman. Look also for the CV4010s - they are the military version of the M8100s. Isn't the M8100 the military version of the CV4010?
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    Well at the moment I'm satisfied with FF, and I think quite soon we will have Firefox 3 and I heard that it will be the fastest (or one of the fastest) browser available. I've tried the beta but then I couldn't get flash to work so I just use the stable version now.
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    So far I like Ubuntu very much. When installing compiz fusion I thought that I'm going to have a problem with dependencies or something like it happen sometimes in fedora but all the packages were installed perfectly. The only problem I had so far was that I had no sound from the flash player...
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    K701 VS. HD650 VS. Beyerdynamic DT990 - I tested them today

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patu I'm not sure if you told this earlier in this thread (sorry if I missed), but what equipment did you use for the audition? Which CD-player and amplifier? With K701 and HD650, those two will make huge differences. To be honest I can't remember what...
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    Looking for a nice upgrade from the AKG K26P

    You're right the K171 aren't really efficient but I don't think that there is such a thing as "real impedance", they have 55 Ω (like all the other studio AKGs too) and that's it. The K240 are open and if I'm right you're looking for closed cans so maybe the K271, the closed version of that...
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    K701 + DV 332 tubes?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Capunk Actually it's quite rare (beside above poster) to find K701 user to use DV332 to drive it, because DV332 much more suitable to HD650 than K701. 336i preferable to be paired with K701 because the amp produce more "tubey" sounding, and K701 will love it...
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    K701 + DV 332 tubes?

    Have you had a look at this thread? Many tubes for the DV332 are discussed and compared there. Most of the tubes are quite cheap anyway so if money isn't your problem you could even get more than one type of tubes. I think for the power tubes there are only 2 possibilities: the Svetlana and...
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    Eyeball Implants--check this out!

    This is gross. I don't like the idea of having something implanted into my eyeball. I think you should be happy that you're not blind and not mess around with your eyes when it's not necessary. @ Kirosia: I really hope that you were kidding...necrophilia is even worse than eyeball implants
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    Why do I hate rap and hip-hop, but love Public Enemy?

    I don't care for rap and hiphop either but Public Enemy has to be good..they did a song with Anthrax Public Enemy & Anthrax: Bring The Noise
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    How old are you?

    I'm 18 (and I like it )
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    Amp for AKG701 for rock music

    Quote: Originally Posted by shellylh The DV332 (with 403B and Uly 6S19P-V tubes) and K701 is simply heavenly!!! I would highly recommend the combination. I use a Darkvoice 332 with my K701 and I like it very much too. I listen to metal and rock mainly. It's true that it isn't...