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    Border Patrol DAC SE

    You can drop by & pick it up, if you live in South Florida :)
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    64 Audio U12

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    Audeze Pre fazor LCD 2.2

    If you want the most lush sounding LCD, this is the one to get. The newer Fazor ones have better focus, but apart from that, these cans are much better in all other areas in my opinion. Look into the older threads for comparisons. It comes with Norse Balanced cable & the regular cable. (as...
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    Border Patrol DAC SE

    If you like Gumby, you will love this DAC. All the reviews use the word analog a lot & I agree. This is the most closest to Vinyl sound that I have heard from my PC. There is so much space within the notes, Never gave much prominence to DAC's until this one. If you have a decent set up, this...
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    Mcintosh MHA 150

    This is a beast of an amp with looks to boot. Tube sound signature without the hassle of tubes :) I have paired this with all the cans I had & it drove them all with fantastic authority. I loved the Analog Bass boost, especially with HD 800. It also paired beautifully with LCD 2, Atticus & HE...
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    64 Audio U12

    Amazing Bass & Soundstage, comes with M15 module. I had U12t at one point, was not a fan of the relatively thin midrange. Like the U12 much better. The IEM's are in mint condition, but the box is a bit broken as seen in below pictures. A bit of super glue should fix it.
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    WTS Aeon Flow Closed 2.

    Pics as requested by many.
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    WTS Aeon Flow Closed 2.

    Aeon flow closed 2. It has a beautiful tonality, responds very well to EQ. Once EQ'd the bass is deep & fast. The only planar closed back that you can potentially carry in cargo packet. The best office cans, in my book. Everything is in mint condition except the headband which has some paint...
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    WTS: Campfire Andromeda

    $625.00 (shipped) These IEM's are in mint condition & they sound absolutely beautiful. There a couple of paint chips , but nothing major. Just want a change of scenery. Might trade for Solaris or 64 audio. They will come with IFI IEMatch, stock cable, case, some tips & custom cable(Plus sound...
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    Close Thread

    I am trying to close the FS post I did for my cans, but the thread is locked for some reason & I cant update it. Can someone please advise?
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    Hifiman HE1000 V2

    Just wanting a change of scenery. I bought them from a fellow headfier. They sound fantastic & are in mint condition . These are the best TOTL value cans, if there is such thing as value with all these crazy prices. I might be interested in a trade...
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    DAP with a good amp inside it.

    Thanks for suggestions everyone, will look into these options.