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    Orthodynamic Roundup

    Wooot Score! Now a photo of you wearing both simultaneously :p? Beautiful engineering in these.
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    Cleaning Orthodynamic Magnets in Ultrasonic cleaner?

    Thank you for that! wow, did not realise the impact to aluminium foil and membranes.
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    Orthodynamic Roundup

    I cannot be sure, but this is potentially another Orthodynamic we didn't know about (albeit likely a rebadge). Dynatron SP6, which seems to be a rebadge of the Peerless PMB6. I asked the seller for some photos which show the text on it. It is entirely possible it is not an ortho, but I would...
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    DELETE: MiniDSP Ears measurement Rig

    not looking any more, delete Looking to buy a MiniDSP EARS measurement rig, in in UK. If anyone can ship to me please contact me I am interested! thanks
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    Dacport Slim (centrance or massdrop)

    Hi all, Im looking for a Dacport slim, I am in the UK so would need it posted here. Please contact me if you have one to sell. Thanks
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    wanted: Worn/peeling Stax SR-X earpads

    Im looking for a set of Stax SR-X earpads (or similar) that have got old and the pleather is peeling off. Might sound a bit strange, but if you have a set that you dont need any more (maybe you replaced with new pads) please let me know. Thanks!
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    Orthodynamic Roundup

    Hello all, checking in to say hello to all my old friends in the ortho thread. It's interesting to see the world of headphones has changed rather significantly because of this thread and the many contributions inside it. A few questions please: Does anyone out there have a list of all planar...
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    Hi all, I hope the wiki can be revived! I do not possess the tech skills to bring this back, but I hope some kind souls here can help to bring it back! Myself and many others contributed a lot to the wiki, there's a lot of cool vintage headphone knowledge that shouldn't fall away. Thank you...
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    Jaben Hyperdynamic IEM's

    I'm very interested in these too, kicking myself i didnt spot them at the London CanJam.  Is there anywhere in London i can get to listen to these?
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    Orthodynamic Roundup

    Beautiful collection. I see you have some Sawafuji/Elega headphones here :). Id love to know what drivers are inside these if you have had a look? Im guessing SFI and AKAI ASE-40 drivers there. Please do give some impressions. A great collection there. Im impressed, did you find them in Japan?
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    Yamaha YH-1 open back custom Orthodynamic headphone

    I took a lot of effort (its suprisngly hard to cut things xD) in creating this special open back Yamaha YH-1. Id always wanted to try the Yamaha drivers in open back form. It slightly smoothens out the sound. I didnt finish my damping fine tuning on this as I haven't had time for any projects...
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    Orthodynamic Roundup The pads are angled. But yah i doubt it makes a huge difference to be angled or not, because they get compressed so much anyway.
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    Oppo PM-1: A New Planar Magnetic Headphone!

    He sat down with the designer for 2hours, who laid out all his design process etc. and all he posted in his article was "it has an oval diaphragm and folds flat".... nice lol. Id really like to have seen/heard what the designer actually said that whole time, im curious how these people...
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    iPhone 5C and 5S: audio output

    Hi Elfary,    out of curiosty, can you compare the 3gs and 4s headphone output for the same volume? Also are you able to characterise and sound difference between the 3gs and 4s. Thank you :)
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    iPhone 5C and 5S: audio output

    Are you able to compare the 5S and your 4S using the same audio file, at the same volume % slider settings please? And see if they both sound like they are outputting the same volume. or if the 5S needs a higher volume setting to sound the same volume as the 4s.   thanks