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    Video: Lambo vs. Toyota

    en·thu·si·ast –noun 1.a person who is filled with enthusiasm for some principle, pursuit, etc.; a person of ardent zeal: a sports enthusiast. Don't see why changing your own oil is necessary to be a car enthusiast. Do you need to build your own violin to be a music enthusiast? It seems...
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    Marking undergraduate assignments sucks

    sry not all of us have time to proofchek everything we write. noone cares neway xexcept nerds
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    Chinese Food! :) 中國菜 I'm an American with questions.

    My family often spoons (alternatively, lifts up the plate and pours the sauce wholesale) into the rice and I can't imagine why someone would want to take offense at it. If these duck eggs are the 1000 year egg or whatever where the outside is translucent black and the middle is a grayish...
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    Chinese Food! :) 中國菜 I'm an American with questions.

    Also I remember there are a decent number of buffets in Taiwan, and the Chinese buffets in the States commonly have more Chinese people than non-Chinese, I've never heard anyone complain about authenticity and I think it may be the case that non-Chinese care more about their food being authentic...
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    Chinese Food! :) 中國菜 I'm an American with questions.

    Quote: Originally Posted by crazyface I'm going to stir-fry today, and had a question about cooking chicken. At various Chinese restaurants that I've been to, they succeed in cooking the chicken to be very soft, moist, and tender - almost as if it had been braised with meat tenderizer...
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    multiplication before addition

    I thought negation was used for like, boolean operations. Granted in that case it's unclear to me how it would interact with multiplications and divisions and so on. Ahh, math, you can get ridiculously complicated.
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    Chinese Food! :) 中國菜 I'm an American with questions.

    For some reason the only xiaolongbao I've ever really liked were those ones where there is broth inside the thing. Those were quite spectacular. I can't remember the name of the place in Taiwan that sold those though.
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    Chinese Food! :) 中國菜 I'm an American with questions.

    One dish that I particularly like is Salt & Pepper Shrimp, I'm not sure how to do the romanization, it should be something like Jiao Zian Xia (椒鹽蝦).
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    I no longer hold any respect for Terry Pratchett.

    So if he didn't donate any money at all to anyone, you would have massively higher respect for him? Not sure what your indignation is about. As said before, he will probably be dead before any donation he makes results in any benefit to him, therefore it is irrelevant exactly what disease he...
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    What's in the world's most expensive chocolate?

    It should be noted that you don't eat the entire $3k truffle in one meal ;0 I think 1 pound of truffles is enough for quite alot of truffle based dishes. Sort of like how saffron is super expensive by weight, but the amount needed per dish is low, so it's affordable for normal people.
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    need a phishing-check

    You can email the IRS and ask them about it. I would check if the link actually goes to what it says. E.g., you can have a link <a href=""></a> - although that would only apply if you actually have html emails for some unknown reason.
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    I'll take the criticism if I deserve it!!!

    I think in such cases you could consider the music as being analogous to software abandonware. I've never heard of anyone complaining about that and I don't see any reason to.
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    Well, that is just how it is, how the human brain works. We are all affected by these sorts of things, it does not make us weak minded or gullible. That is why even though we normally trust our senses, when it comes to serious business like head-fi placebo arguments, its better to try and take...
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    Typing speed test, how fast are you?

    500 points on my second try. I believe this makes me the fastest typer yet on this thread ;0 Edit: Just did it again. 533 pts, 738 char/min, 134 correct 5 wrong.
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    Recommend me violin albums

    No one loses, this ain't a zero sum game