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    Samsung's new IEM's

    Quote:   Quote:   Why?  Samsung is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, and I can't even imagine what their yearly R&D budget is ... wouldn't be unexpected at all to me if they put out some quite decent IEMs.  
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    Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

      Quote: Whew, those PIIQ PQ2 are some of the fugliest portables I have ever seen.  They look like a bad set of sofa cushions from the 1970s!   (p.s. in the last sentence in the review it looks like an 'o' is missing in 'Coloud')   The Philips Stretch, on the other hand, looks...
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    Raffle for the 2011 Horn of Africa Drought: Beyer T70, V-Moda M-80, earphones, CDs

    Great idea and a great cause.  I'm in for 1 ticket.  PM on its way.
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    Creative Labs Aurvana 3 Dual Driver IEM Giveaways & Discounts - A new favorite of ours!

    Have owned SB sound cards in the past, with my most recent being the X-Fi Xtrememusic.  Don't own any Creative Labs products currently.   Cheers for the giveaway!
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    SP-100 Sound Pressure Level Meter for earphones and iems!!

    Just finished my review of the SPL-100.  I must say that I was impressed by it.  Been quite a long since I've reviewed a product that was so useful.  My biggest complaint is that you can't find it anywhere readily available for sale!
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    A plea to the community--let's standardize the way we describe sonic signatures

    Quote: So you are saying that when someone describes sound they completely forgoe using descriptive terms like bass, treble, etc.?    
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    Review: Munitio Teknine SITi 9mm – Locked & Loaded

    Quite a review, nice job with it (even if it was a bit lengthy for my taste. :-) )   I remember being interested in these when they first came out, but couldn't get ahold of a pair and so I completely forgot about them until seeing this review.  Your review certainly makes them sound...
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    Anyone try the Phiaton PS 20 yet?

    As usual, joker is spot on.  Although I've never really been sold on the idea of a half-in ear design, the PS20 sure does a lot right for it's $99 retail price. Full review is at
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    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    Great thread - subscribed to it.   Thanks Prog Rock Man for the effort to compile these various links together!  Have not read through all of them yet, but working my way through them one at a time.  No real surprises, thus far.  
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    TDK EB900 comments, anyone?

    Full review of the EB900 is done:   Overall a decent set of IEMs, but nothing extraordinary and you can find better clarity/detail at their price point.
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