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    Stax SR-009 Channel Imbalance Trouble / Driver Problem?

    Thanks for you suggestions astrostar. I always put a towel over them to cover the dust. I haven't measured the amp for offset, that's always a good idea to do with older equipment. I am 99% sure this is a ground loop issue on my end. My DAC (AMB y2) can be powered by USB, but I also had the...
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    Stax SR-009 Channel Imbalance Trouble / Driver Problem?

    The crackling was a high pitch, like if you have a piece of rubber or leather and scrape something on it. It didnt sound pretty. I reset the amp and it hasn't done it again. Now, it buzzes (not crackles) for 20seconds when turned off or unplugged (sounds like if you have a guitar amp...
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    Stax SR-009 Channel Imbalance Trouble / Driver Problem?

    I just get the Stax fart, not a buzz when I do that. Unfortunately, I don't have another amp to try. Is this anything to be concerned about? Or just a rare Stax quirk?
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    Stax SR-009 Channel Imbalance Trouble / Driver Problem?

    Weird phenomenon with my 009. Was just listening to music and my right channel started crackling. I reset the amp a couple times and it has gone away. But now every time I turn the amp off my right channel buzzes for ~20 seconds. If I unplug the headphone, the sound goes away when I touch the...
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    Win a SUSVARA

    You should give them to me, because if I won it I would update my photoshopped avatar of Stax Lambdas on Jesus Christ and replace it with a SUSVARA.
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    Little Dot Mk3 Gain Switch Help

    I think this pic from the manual should help. The mdr1a is 50ohms impedance while the k550s are 32ohm. The little dot amp is an OTL design, so it delivers more power at higher impedances. That's why the k550 sounds a little weak.
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    Anyone know what cable this is? Shure?

    I agree with you, it looks like it's a shure mmcx cable. I would ask the seller for up close pics of the side opposite of the 3.5mm jack to confirm.
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    GIVEAWAY — MAYA by Vibro Labs

    Red, and thanks for the giveaway! 
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    Sacramento Meet?

    I will be PMing members of the SF bay area Headfi group to gain more interest. Then, I will open up a Google survey later this week to choose the best library location. After this is decided, a Doodle will be set up to decide the date and time.    Will post updates here. When everything is...
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    Sacramento Meet?

    I never thought about that. I looked at Sacramento Library page and they will allow us to rent a room, free of charge.
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    Sacramento Meet?

    OK good. It seems like we have some more people interested.   Not sure what the best way to do this is. But, I'm looking at hotel meeting rooms around sac, most of them are $150-300 for the cheapest ones to fit ~15-20 people. So, each of us would have to chip in about $20 at most. For planning...
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    High Pitched background noise

    My first guess would just be a noisy tube. Try replacing it. It could also be a ground loop issue but usually that is a lower pitched hum not a high pitched one.   If you need a replacement tube I can mail you some for free. I have a lot of 6DJ8, 12AU7, etc ones lying around not getting any use