Retired from the Army and Texas is my home now finally. Hopefully no more moving.
New Braunfels, TX
besides HT/music listening, bicycling
Headphone Inventory
Senn HD600, Senn HD598SE, AKG K601, AKG K702, Beyer DT990, Beyer DT1350, Beyer AKG 240S, DT880/600 ohm, Ultrasone PL2500, DR150 'woodied and recabled', Senn PX100, ER4S, ER6i, Koss ESP950, Koss PortaPro, Senn EH350 w/APuresound recable, Senn EH250, Altec Lansing iM716, Yuin PK3, Jays:Q-Jays; Grado SR60; Grado SR325; Klipsch S4; Beyer DT770 / 600ohms, Beyer DT770/80 ohms, DR150, UM Miracle custom IEM, UM Aero custom IEM, 1964 custom IEM
Headphone Amp Inventory
Koss E/90, Rockhopper M3 w/ STEPS, LaRocco maxed PPA w/STEPS, Shellbrook Ascent Signature, Shellbrook MaxiMoy modified by n_maher, Millett Hybrid(maxed) w/STEPS built by n_maher, Doge 6210, Little Dot II+, HR Micro Amp w/ 05' desktop, Little Dot MKI, Little Dot III, Pico Power, HCT HMS-100, Musical Fidelity X-CAN V3 w/ PinkFloyd modification and Little Pinkie V3i, Portaphile/maxxed, FiiO E5, HeadRoom Cosmic, DIY Home CMoy version; Headroom Millett Hybrid w/ home module; Audio-GD C-2C; Firestone Cute Beyond; uDAC; Shanling PH100; Stealth DC-1
Source Inventory
HR Micro DAC, ADCOM GD600, ADCOM 700, CEC 2500, Denon 2200, MHDT Dialogue II w/USB, Rega Planer 3, Entech Number Cruncher 205.2, iPod Classic 160G, iPod Classic 80G, VPI Scout, Integra NAS-2.3; Kenwood Sovereign Entre; Escient DMM E-40; Eastsound E5 Signature Edition w/ zapfilter; Emotiva XMC-1; California Audio Lab Delta CD Transport; Lite DAC-AM modified by Pacific Valve; Teak PD H300 mkII; Firestone Fubar II; uDAC; Stealth DC-1
Cable Inventory
various DIY cables, Outlaw cables, MIT terminator speaker cables, various Blue Jean Cables
Power-Related Components
Other Audio Equipment
complete 7.2 channel home theater setup w/ Emotiva XMC-1 as processor; Outlaw Model 5500; Martin Logan SL3 speakers, Martin Logan iTheater center speaker; DIY subwoofer; DIY studio monitors; SVS Ultra sub; Musical Fidelity A3; Panasonic AE4000P; Sonance Sonamp 260 Mk II; Aperion Intimus 5DB; Aperion Intimus 6B; Crown proamp XLS 2500; Emotiva miniamp; Crown XLS1500
Music Preferences
almost all genre but classical and jazz are my favorites
Working in the civilian job now after the Army