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    how does this compare to using the Shure silicone tips? they look kind of similar. I didnt quite like the fit of the um56, it was all a bit weird for me and would always come loose.
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    Headphones or earphones give better sound quality?

    i think im looking for a stepping stone for the next step in terms of quality, or even just trying something new. Since theres not much point getting another universal IEM (for me, althought im curiousty to hear the SM3) so i starting looking at headphones in around the $500 range. I guess what...
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    Headphones or earphones give better sound quality?

    so would a $5XX pair of headphone be comparable to custom IEMs?   Im primarily using a UM3X now, and im looking to try to get a pair of headphone as well, would sth like  the ATH-ESW9 be a significant improvement, or would i be better off saving for JH-16s :p     i've managed to stay...
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    TF 10 remold OR add drivers?

    its been suggested around here that its better to add at least 1 additional driver to the TF10, just having it remolded seems to lessen the quality a bit.
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    Earphone Recs for Frequent Flyer (Isolation)?

    actually i kind of tested that this weekend, using um3x and customs. customs won of course :)  while the 3x isolation i think is superb, you just cant get the custom isolation out of a universal.
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    JH5 or Reshell TF10

    dont forget alot of ppl will recommend you add the mid driver if you remould the tf10,
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    13 yeard old that needs a suggestion.

    Quote: Originally Posted by cookiesowns I think i made a mistake, I'm actually 14, hahahah
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    Westone UM3X Thread

    id wait for the removable, you will have the option in future to get even better cables.
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    Will burn in affect UM3X?

    yeh it seems to take a little time to get used to, but once it clicks its great!
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    Westone UM3X Thread

    what are you using as a player ? The Radio City album is great, having a listen now on the westones, i think its the best sounding DMB live album. But i always thought they could have brought the volume up a bit on Daves guitar. Havent got 10,000 maniacs tho.
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    Hifiman HM801 -> RSA Blackbird -> UE18 Pro

    Hey googleli, which shop did you get it at? were you using the D2 before?
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    Westone UM3X Thread

    live acoustic stuff is amazing on the um3x, also the Natalie merchant live album is great with a good player too.
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    few questions about custom remoulds

    i think it is 250 or 275 including the additional driver. it seems to be recommended to add the mid driver if you are remolding the 10s
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    Attack of the Bass TF10 Help!!

    i read thats a more common problem when remoulding the tf10's into cm's, which is why ppl will at a mid driver to bring them back forwards. I was thinking about remoulding my 10's as well but i figure i'll just save for the JH and leave the tf10 as is.
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    The new Cowon J3 has micro sdhc slot (from audible pdf)

    i just want to know when!!