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    Comment by 'jupitreas' in item 'Sennheiser Momentum 3'

    It appears that the DAC is limited to 16bit 48000 kHz. If you play a file with Foobar2k that exceeds these specs, Windows will transcode it on the fly .I can't find info about the specific DAC used either. If you want to get the absolute most out of them, I guess it would be best to use an...
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    V-Moda has great support

    Hello Head-fi, its been a while. I decided to post here again after a long leave of absence simply because I have just had a very positive experience with V-Moda's support. My Crossfade2 Wireless Rose Gold developed a somewhat minor flaw (some creaking noises on one side) and V-Moda replaced...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 Discussion Thread

    Just checking in to write how I solved the creaking hinges issue that these headphones have. I used a minuscule drop (and I mean tiny!!) of bicycle chain lubricant on the hinges. I carefully applied it using an ear-pick to the plastic in the hinges. The creaking is completely gone. If the...
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    Just ordered UR40s...what to expect?

    They use the exact same drivers as the KSC75 so they sound pretty much just like them but a bit more open. Their weakness is in the enclosure as it is a cheap plastic that provides a fair amount of nasty ringing. I played around with my UR40 to dampen the enclosure (the plastic bits, I removed...
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    New supraaural headphones from Thinksound: On1.

    They look like a cheap pair of Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 but naturally, that does not say anything about how they might sound. 
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    Reducing the sibilance on HD 25s?

    You could also try some pad rolling. I believe the pleather pads are less sibilant than the velour ones. There are also many after-market pads that you could try. I also believe the superbly comfortable pads from the Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 fit the HD25, so that might be worth a try (I never...
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    KRK 8400 - burn in?

    I found that the KRK KNS 8400 has a very good soundstage for a closed headphone but it is one of those... strange soundstages. It is difficult to explain but appreciating the 8400 seems to depend on being able to 'forget' that you are listening to a headphone and just visualizing that the sound...
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    Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition review

      Thanks! I'm looking forward to your findings.
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    Are headphones genre specific?

    There are many views on this... Some (myself included) strive for neutrality in audio gear, while others like for a headphone to be colored in a certain way that is pleasing to them. The basic fact of the matter is that a neutral headphone will be more versatile as it can work decently with any...
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    Sennheiser Amperiors?

    Mine don't have any such issues, so not all Amperiors are like that....
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    Does listening metal music with HD 600, harm the headphone in any way?

    It won't hurt your headphone but it might hurt your ears if you listen too loud :)
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    Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition review

    Hmm, perhaps jfunk can write a followup for us regarding the pads on these two headphones. I have tried using some different pads with my Amperior for aesthetic customization purposes, but I have found that they changed the sound so dramatically that it was not worth it. I used some Zomo...
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    Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition review

    Have you tried switching the pads between the Alu and the Amperior? I'm wondering how much of the difference in the sound has to do with the pads. Leather/pleather pads are known to produce more authoritative bass on the same headphone than velour pads and velour tends to sound brighter, which...
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    Ultrasone Headphones Right Side Stopped Working

    Well, you should have a document confirming your purchase from the retailer, right? There should also be a date on this document. As long as the date is below 12 months in the past, you can send the headphone to the retailer or to Ultrasone for warranty service.
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    Ultrasone Headphones Right Side Stopped Working

    They most likely have at least 12 months warranty (depending on where you live - in the EU all electronic products have 24 months warranty) so it should be safe to return them to the shop to have them repaired under warranty. You could have indeed blown out the driver although it is more likely...