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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    After investing a lot of time and money into headphones and amps I thought I was through with spending $ on my hobbies..... until.....     My new Sinn 875 UTC
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Quote: I never realized you could get titanium, saphire and an ETA movement in a great looking watch for such a low price.  It's now on my list of watches to consider!  
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    About to take my watch passion to the next level.  I currently own a Citizen (Skyhawk, Nighthawk & Navisail) a nice Rado and a couple cheapies.  I would like a Military/Pilot style w/ an automatic swiss movement.  My two current favorites are the Victorinox Airboss Mach 6 (in black) and the Sinn...
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    iTunes Backup help

    Thanks! That's what I was looking for. This just reminds me how much I hate DRM.
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    iTunes Backup help

    I have been building and maintaining PCs as a hobby for 25 years. I have avoided iPods because I do not like buying something and having the seller still have control over what I bought through DRM. However my daughter has an iPod and I need to re-install the OS on her PC (that has iTunes on...
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    Tornado, in my front yard!!! Holy!!!

    We had one touch down last night briefly a couple miles away. The sirens were going at 2:30 AM. I've seen plenty of cloud rotations since I moved out here but no actual tornado ( and I'm ok with that ). Where in Chicagoland? (My home town)
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    Amp repair Advice

    This isn't exactly headphone related but it is audio related... I have a Carver C500 amp that recently stopped working. The main line fuse is blown and one of the secondary ps fuses has blown. I have minimal troubleshooting skills but I have learned a few things building various head amps...
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    Whats a good cheap DIY DAC?

    I picked up an Alien DAC board a while ago but haven't felt the urge to build it yet. I got it for the same reason as you. I'm tired of all the noise being picked up by my soundcard. Alternately, for less than $100 you could probably pick up an Entech Number Cruncher 203.2 DAC on Ebay. I have...
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    MP3s on a Nano

    Thanks, that's what I was hoping for
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    MP3s on a Nano

    My daughters' birthday is coming up and she wants an Ipod Nano. We are a 4 MP3 player family (none are Apple). Currently I store all of our ripped MP3s on one computer and share them across the network. Just plug in the USB cord and copy the MP3s to the player. Simple. I don't know too much...
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    Slowing down a CD ? Possible ?

    The first CD player I ever bought (in the early/mid eighties) had a pitch control. I remember thinking "why would I ever need that ?". I googled "wav file change pitch" and a bunch of programs came up. Unfortunately we have an Internet filter here at work so most of the links didn't work for me...
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    Here's my daily morning and evening routine: Take out mug and fill with cold water Put in one Lipton tea bag (black) Put in one Tazo Awake tea bag Put in microwave for 4 minutes Let steep for 5 to 10 minutes Add sugar Add evaporated milk (not whole, skim, half-n-half, cream) Enjoy
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    Entech Cruncher 203.2 schematics

    When I got mine I thought I might open it up to take a peek but IIRC I didn't have a small enough Torx wrench. What size did you use to open it up?
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    Doctor Who

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia Just watched the end of series 2... so sad. Incredibly sad. Looking forward to the Christmas special. My ReplayTV paid for itself by allowing me to watch the episodes hours after they aired in England. I'm also glad that SciFi picked it up here...