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    Does rubbing alchol degrade the sound quality of headphones?

    Stupid question, I know. But I tried cleaning some of the parts of my Sennheiser HD650 and only afterwards did I realize it might have been a stupid move.   I wiped down the headphone plug with rubbing alcohol, then I did the same with the detachment points. If you're familiar with the 650's...
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    Static issues?

    My pair of Audio-Technica ATH-CK100PRO just arrived but I seem to be having some kind of static issue. I'll try to describe the static issue and if anyone has any idea at all of how I can get rid of it, it would be great.   The static is constant even if no music is on. If the volume is turned...
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    Hooking up a Fiio E9 and E7 to a TV?

    I understand that I need one of these:   in order to hook up the RCA slots on the E9 to the headphone jack on the TV. But does this also make use of the E7? Since the E7 is run on USB...
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    Untangling cable on headphones?

    I have a problem. I have a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 but the cable is tangled up and won't go back to it's original shape.   I think the problem is that I had stored in a case like this one:     I had the ESW9 in there and the wire stored in a circular bundle in the middle of the...
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    Audio-Technica in-Ear Earphone with the best isolation?

    How do you feel about the other earphones in that line?   Like the CK10, etc? Would those have sufficient isolation to block out most loud noises?
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    Audio-Technica in-Ear Earphone with the best isolation?

    As the title suggests, I'm wondering if anyone could give me some input on what the best noise isolating Audio-Technica earphone is.   I'm a fan of Audio-Technica's line of headphones and was interested in trying one of their earphones but I'd prefer something with really good isolation...
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    Would the Little Dot MK V be an upgrade to the Fiio e7/e9 combo?

    As the title suggests....would the Little Dot MK V be an upgrade to the Fiio e7 DAC and Fiio e9 Amp? I've used the Fiio combo for about two years with my Sennheiser HD650's and was wondering if anyone had compared the two?   Would the Little Dot MK V be a big upgrade over the Fiio combo when...
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    Anyone know anything about the vintage Harman Kardon Model C100?

    I saw this ad here and I was wondering if anyone knew much about it? Is it worth the amount ($350) that the seller is asking for?
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    Damaged my headphones playing at maximum?

    I accidentally left my Sennheiser HD555 playing at an absurdly loud volume for about 10 minutes. By loud, I mean, it was hooked up to a Little Dot MK IV SE Amp with the knob turned to the volume turned to the max...and winamp's volume turned to the max. I could hear the volume...
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    Used Little Dot MK IV SE for $200?

    I've researched around but I can't seem to get a firm grasp on how much a Little Dot MK IV SE is. I can see that they go for $389 new from DavidZheZhe but there are other places that sell for cheaper from what I can tell.   I found someone selling one locally used for $200, anyone know if...
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    Anyone have any experience with the Dennon udra-m10 Amp?

    I've done some searching around but can't find much information or feedback on this amp. Anyone have any experience with it? How is it? Is it worth $100?
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    Sennheiser IE7 without the Ear Hooks for $90?

    He lost the ear hooks...that and he expected them to be good at isolation but apparently they're not.
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    Sennheiser IE7 without the Ear Hooks for $90?

    Greetings,   I need some advice. I've been offered a lightly used (approx. 3 hours) pair of Sennheiser IE7 for $90. It comes with everything including the manual, box, tips, etc minus the Ear Hooks which are missing. Is this a good deal? Also, take into account this is Canadian dollars, not...
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    Is the Bose OE worth it for $60?

    Yes, I know Bose equipment is overpriced for what it does but how is the Bose Triport OE version for $60?
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    Interior of Sennheiser PX200-II?

    It's the side plastic facing the inside that is held on by screws.