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    Fostex T20RP extra driver

    I foolishly drilled through the driver coil when putting these drivers into my thunderpants and ruined one of the drivers.  Thankfully the other one just missed it and only nipped part of the metal.  It is still perfectly good.  If you want the driver please send me $15.  Please ask questions!
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    DIY custom moulds

    I tried the ear plugs tips, never worked.  I'd assume it will be the same with this but even worse.  Oh well.  Foam tips do more than good.
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    DIY custom moulds

    Hearing is 10x > $150 it costs to get a custom IEM.  They also look tons better and will probably last many years longer.  I am sick of cheaping out on everything.  And when it comes to ruining my hearing, I can't cheap out on it.  I still think high performance audio like the RE262 is still...
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    RE-262 and GR-07 HELP!

    The RE262 is better than the GR07 I imagine.  Just from what I've read and testing my RE262 that aren't even burned in yet.  They have a nice slight warmness to them and the vocals and everything is amazingly clear and clean.  The bass isn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Not near the GR07...
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    Schiit Asgard: Unboxing and First Impressions

    The o2 is more neutral.  The asgard is on the warm side of neutral.  It's the perfect balance between the o2 and the Crack.  A very nice Amp.
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    Schiit Asgard: Unboxing and First Impressions

    I built many O2's and I just got the Asgard because I always wanted to try a Schiit.  I can easily say the Asgard sounds nicer all around in every aspect.  It's has a tint of warmness to it while the O2 is dead cold.  Both are very analytical, but I noticed much better sound from the Asgard.  If...
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    Help Needed with Re-Soldering Bang and Olfesun Earset 3 IEM

    It turns out the audio out on my desktop is a little messed up.  I bent it a little and now it works perfectly.  Got this set for pretty cheap and they were originally $200.  I made out like a bandit.  They aren't as good as I was hoping but still pretty clear.  Excellent for acoustic songs.  I...
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    SOLD Bang and Olufsen Earset 3 IEM Re-Cabled Barely Used SOLD

     This is for a used set of Bang and Olufsen Earset 3 IEMs.  They original were for a cellphone because it had a microphone.  But the cable got worn out so I re-cabled it with a 28 AWG silver teflon wire and a 3.5mm end plug.  They sound very nice for their price.  They were originally near $200...
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    SOLD VSonic GR-06 Like New SOLD

    Just got these off another Head-fi'er who only used them for a few hours.  I used them for a few hours also and I will clean the foam tips and the middle size tips I used very nicely.  These are fantastic all around earphones, very budget oriented and very very nice sounding.  Please ask any...
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    Yuin OK1

    You got PM
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    KEEPING Gamma y1 Full Config + y2 Wolfson WM8742 KEEPING

    I made this and my friend helped create the custom panels and clean it up a bit for me.  It's an excellent DAC and the y2 has a Wolfson WM8742 in it which supposedly is very nice.  Please ask any questions!
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    FS: RE-0 for repair

    You Sir, got a PM.
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    Now in 2012, Do HiFiMan Re0 still worth to buy?

    I owned the RE-ZERO, which I think are tons better than the RE-0.  I am getting the VSonic GR-06 pretty soon here.  I think they will easily beat both of those IEMS.
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    First pair of good headphones?

    I had the ES-7 from Audio Technica, they look exactly like those red ones.  They hurt my left ear like nothing else.  I would stay away from any Audio Technica smaller than the M50, with the exception of their amazing earbuds.
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    First pair of good headphones?

    I suggest these:   They are semi-open and have fantastic reviews.  It's basically the poor man's DT990 I would say.  They will be closed enough that people can't...