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    AKG owners unite...

    Hi everyone! Just chiming in... a fellow AKG fan by accident... just noticed that most of my cans are AKGs... hahaha K240DF mated to a Corda 2Move on high-gain, high voltage. - primary cans, for studio work, and my iPod Touch K81DJ - when I want to leave my amp behind and listen to my iPod...
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    Portable amp for AKG 240DF?

    Thanks guys... I actually emailed Jan Meier and he's pretty confident that the MOVE can drive 600Ohm cans. The maximum input of the 240DFs is 200mW which is about 11v I think... the MOVE can do 9v on high gain setting. Fitz, yes I know they're inefficient...but I got used to them already in...
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