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    Headphone Amp Of Note? Anyone Heard This?

    I quote from the site: "The Panache headphone output does not differ from the main output path except for the addition of a simple protection device." Which probably translates to resistive network derivation of headphone output from the loudspeaker output. That doesn't mean it's bad. But...
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    Who has the most expensive setup around here?

    Quote: Originally posted by Zanth Course no one here comes close to this guy's setup. At one point I believe the entire setup was worth 6 million US but has now been cut back substantially. If he has all this income and can't hit perfection what hope is there for the rest of us...
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    Theory Behind Burning In Amp

    Amps need a sort period of time to reach thermal stabilization and headphones, having moving parts, can have their mechanical properties shift a bit. The resulting changes do not always mean better sound. If something sounds bad initially to you it's rather unlikely to change through "burning...
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    Mystery of amplifier sound disclosed?

    I would suggest this test to Jazz, if you have a good sound card and a software that can generate sinewaves try to find your threshold of hearing detecting harmonic distortion. I could suggest something like a 1KHz fundamental and a set of harmonics (maybe simulate the Stereoplay curves?). I...
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    audiophile recording companies

    You could try for a list of high quality recordings, and you will notice that a lot of them are issued by standard labels. If you could elaborate on what you are looking for I may be able to be more specific. Gallaine: I agree on...
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    audiophile recording companies

    I would like to hear your definition of high quality recording. I think you are confusing recordings and record labels. There are excellent rock, jazz, folk, country and other genre recordings on different labels.
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    audiophile recording companies

    High quality classical music has to do with the performance and not the recording. Try a subscription to Gramophone: Also try: and And fortunately this is not the only type of well-recorded music.
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    Professional looking front/back equipment panels

    There is a new service out of Seattle, WA (looks like it has German origin). They provide you with a Windows based CAD software to design the panel and get a price quote. Just started advertising in Circuit Cellar. You can select material or provide your own.
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    Vintage Amps

    I'm using the K1000s on the 8 Ohm tap of the Fisher 800C. They sound great on good recordings but a bit on the bright side. I plan to play/modify the whole setup and then I will post details.
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    Bottlehead Northwest Report...

    mkmelt The Fisher 800C that I got had the Doctor Fisher mods done and is really near mint inside-outside. I also own a pair of HD600. I was considering modifying the headphone output resistor set of the Fisher (by looking at the schematics) but then I plugged in the HD600s and they sound great...
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    Tubed car audio... coming soon!

    Quote: Ya know, I might just buy one of those....after I do some more window tinting.... What?!! No neon lights?????
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    Next amp?

    Try this link just posted on Headwize
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    My new CDP came in...and I'm downright disappointed

    I am sorry to say that I tried way to many CDPs and the differences are not really "dramatic" to my ears. And sorry to spoil the party but burn in won't really change the sound of a CDP. Of course if you buy a $20,000 CDP to replace your $300 CDP you will see "dramatic" differences sooner or...
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    For Those Interested in Ordering Cyber 20 from Opera

    Do you have any idea on how the headphone circuit is wired? What kind of impedance it can drive and is it a resistor or tranformer based circuit? I may go for the Cyber 30 if it can drive both my HD600 and AKG k1000s, probably the 300B version.