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    Rec. for dedicated music server (e.g. Aurender, Novatron, etc)

    Nice! I'll contact SmallGreenComputer for more details. IIRC I did buy a silent PC from them many years ago, still loving it.
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    Rec. for dedicated music server (e.g. Aurender, Novatron, etc)

    Thank you! Do you mean this product? It looks way more affordable than many of Aurender's products. IIUC, I control the device (which is a modified PC) via a third-party controller app (as opposed to Aurender's closed proprietary app). What happens if I want to add a streaming service not...
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    Rec. for dedicated music server (e.g. Aurender, Novatron, etc)

    I'm looking for a high quality music server that can play music off my NAS stream from Roon/Tidal/Spotify support for Primephonic would be nice What companies/products should I be looking at? I'm completely new to this area so have no clue where to begin. My current setup: silent PC ->...
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    Review: Resonessence Labs Invicta - new high end DAC/amp/playback system

    Wow! Please get your hands on one, John, and let us know how it sounds. And if/when you upgrade your Mirus to the new chips, let us know too!   I was debating on whether to upgrade my DA8 or my PC, but I guess it's the PC first until the new generation of DACs stabilises.
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    Headphone amp for LCD-3s

    Hi,   I'm looking for an amp to put between my LCD-3s and my Anedio D2. I've been recommended the Schiit Mjolnir 2. Do you folks have any other recommendations in the ~$1000 price range that I can try out?
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    Affordable LCD-2 Replacement Cable

    I dislike the build quality of the stock cable and am looking far an upgrade. Unfortunately, most recommendations are out of my budget, since they're tend to be $200-300+ fancy silver upgrades. Now I'm not dissing the whole cabling thing, but I just can't afford the moolah.   Are there any...
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    Which one has better isolation: Etymotic HF5 or MC5?

    Hi,   Choosing between the two IEMs listed in the subject. My priority is sound isolation. These are my go-to-work phones so sound quality is not that important; isolation, however, is paramount because I take public transport.   The mega-IEM guide here on head-fi...