Head Gear Reviews by JoshG1217
  1. Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC

    4.00 star(s)
    I've had high hopes for the Lagoon for a while. I've gone through a lot of BT headphones and have rejected ones others have loved. Xm3 was the best overall (though Nad Hp70 beat it in SQ), but I let those go. I've been using Sony Z5's for a while on the go and DT 1770 at home, but even the Z5 just doesn't quite have the effect of a true overear and the 1770 is just so bulky and heavy. Enter the Lagoon. Im very picky about overear fit. I dont want a giant stupid looking headphone. I want it tight and minimalist. To that end, I think V Moda Crossfade...
  2. Dekoni Blue

    5.00 star(s)
    So, after hearing these and buying them at RMAF this year, I sold my DT 1770's, which I loved and had modded to improve the sound. Why did I do that? One main reason: the bass. I enjoy the 1770's and they were my first real audiophile headphone. They are built like tanks, and sound great, but the Dekoni's have the most articulate bass I have ever heard. Do they look as good? No, they are kinda goofy design, but they are lighter, and the pads are super comfortable. Cranking the bass up, it is just so well defined without being muddy or boomy, not that...
  3. PSB M4U 1

    4.50 star(s)
    This has been called beats for audiophiles. It has great sound, is neutral and detailed, but they are glossy and fairly fashionable. In general, I like a V shape and listen to hardcore, metal, metalcore, so treble and bass add a more lively sound. This headphone does not emphasize those without an EQ. I have the DT770 and UE6000, as well. Those are ultimately better for the genres I listen to if left without EQ, but the PSB's are more detailed and can be EQ'd through Poweramp or other software.   A big plus for these (at least for me) is the...