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    maybe a silly question....

    Quote: Originally Posted by MASantos but why would anyone like to live inside a mall? She's a girl that's why.
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    NEW CORDA HEADFIVE: A New Amp to Celebrate Head-Fi's Fifth Anniversary!

    Quote: Originally Posted by johnjac #469 arrived in mail yesterday.04 days from Germany to Canada-amazing Hey you ordered one, sweet. Guess this means my New Brunswick headfive isn't as limited edition as it used to be.
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    Anyone into paintball?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rockin_amigo14 i went paintballing the other day with some friends for the first time. can't say it was all that great. it wasnt bad, but not something worth paying $50 for. That's the annoying part, some places I've looked at online have dumb...
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    How's your MLB team doing?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jlo mein Another power bat? I don't think that's what the Jays need. Me neither, but if any moves are gonna be made it'll be a lot cheaper and easier to add a bat. Some people just HAVE to have their team making moves all the time, I don't know if...
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    SR60 with $1k in upgrades? LOL!

    Words fail me. Wow. edit - In honour of this thread I'm starting a new team
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    Grado SR-60 on Airplanes?

    I can't even walk down the street and enjoy my grados that much, just the little bit of wind or car noises drown out the music, I couldn't imagine trying them on an airplane. I can't even fully enjoy them them in bed because my air conditioner is too loud. I'm going to guess you managed to...
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    HF-1 #278 stolen!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Woosh painters do not steal headphones, they can have so many other stuff in your house why your HF1? Probably because they look the cheapest and maybe he 'won't miss them' too much.
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    What are you reading?

    Lord of the Rings
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    Post a Picture of What You're DRINKING Now!

    I don't have a camera handy, but I have a large glass of water, and a small juicebox, apple juice to be precise.
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    Help me decide on an iPod engraving!

    Looks like good chick repellent to me.
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    ZVM Owners: Any problems with your device?

    I'm itching to get one, and just wondering does the bse cover both the front and back of the player or just the front? It's kind of vague on the website.
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    Mid Life Crisis

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd Have you ever considered a "real" penis extension Jon? Why does everyone keep telling me that?
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Macromedia You're a few hours off. Thanks anyways. Downtown will be crazy with all the stuff going on. It's been July 1st for 15 minutes for me.
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    Pictures of your portable rig- Part V: Viva La Audio Revolution

    You're already lugging an amp along what's another tiny bit of plastic?