May 11, 2010
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    Headphone Inventory:

    Sennheiser PX 90, AKG K311, Koss KSC75, Philips SBC HP400

    PAST: Sony MDRCD380, Ultrasone HFI 650, Sennheiser HD600, Denon AH-C551K, beyerdynamic DT150, Sony MDR-410, Audio Technica ATH-M50, beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm, Shure SRH840, Creative Aurvana Live, Shure SE530PTH, AKG K 240 MK II, Sennheiser MX980, Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO 250, Sony MDR-XB700

    Source Inventory:
    Soundcards, DACs and transports: M2tech Hiface w/ RCA, Musical Fidelity V-DAC

    Soundcards, DACs and transports, in the past: SoundBlaster 16, SoundBlaster Live, Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96, Realtek ALC88x, Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 USB, M-Audio Transit, Asus Xonar Essence XT, ibasso D10 Cobra

    Other Audio Equipment:
    Portable Media Players: Sansa Fuze v2

    Portable Media Players in the past: Aiwa portable cassette player, SonicBlue RioVolt SP100, Nokia 5230, Sony Walkman NWZ-S639F 16 GB, Ipod Nano 5th gen. 16 GB, iriver ihp140, Samsung YP-Z5 2 GB
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