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    Wireless Beats and iPhone - not loud enough

    When I stream Sirius XM audio over my iPhone to my wireless Beats Solo headphones, the volume is good but not great.  Is there any way to insert a portable headphone into the setup and still have a bluetooth connection for the headphones?
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    iPhone 6 with Beats Solo 2 not loud enough for the gym

    So I bought these wireless Beats Solo 2 (over the ear) headphones for the gym.  I am playing most songs using the Sirius/XM app on my iPhone 6.  The volume is not really loud enough for the noisy gym for me.  I have a few portable amps (Pico, etc).  Can I connect the Pico to my iPhone using the...
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    The Astell & Kern AK120

    I have a question about shuffle play.  I always listen on shuffle play.  I have over 2000 songs on my AK100.  What really bothers me is that my unit behaves like this ... it will turn on the unit at the gym on a Monday and it will play 20 songs during the hour that I am there.  On Wednesday...
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    Trouble with my Westone 4A

    Well maybe they are toast.  :(   Does anybody make water-resistant IEM's that sound good?
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    Trouble with my Westone 4A

    About a week ago the right earpiece stopped working while I was in the middle of listening during a workout at the gym.  A few days later both ears were working fine.  Then yesterday the right earpiece stopped again.  This morning, I noticed that there is sound coming out of the right earpiece...
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    One feature I used to love with iPod and iTunes was you could create random playlists from music saved on PC and transfer to iPod.  So if I had 250GB of music on PC, I could create totally random selection of 32GB of songs and then iTunes would copy them onto the iPod.  Do you think there is any...
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    I have a question about shuffle mode.  I do not have any cards in mine yet, just internal storage.  Most of the time I listen in shuffle mode.  I think I have about 300 songs on my RWAK.  What seems odd to me is it seems like a limited number of songs (say 30 to 40) are shuffling over and over...
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    I am having an issue with my RWAK100, I have about 15 gigs of FLAC's loaded on it, no external cards installed.  I usually listen to it using shuffle mode for all songs.  What I have been noticing lately is that every once in a while it will be playing a song and, without finishing the current...
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    I am loving my new AK100, especially since I got Vinnies RWAK version.   I am copying music to the device and I need to ask a basic question about tagging.  I have many compilations such as Armin van Buuren albums that have 12 songs all by different artists.  So I don't want to see all these...
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    I just ordered a RWAK100 from Vinnie, can't wait!   Where can I buy a case for this in the U.S.?  Are there any options?
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    Where is the best place to buy an AK100 in the United States?
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    How to buy iBasso DX100 or Hifiman 801?

    If I really wanted to buy one of these, do I have to order from Japan / China and wait weeks to get it? Does anybody sell them in the U.S?
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    The new Westone line?

    I was mainly interested in the W4.
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    Need bag for iPod, wallet, iPhone, keys

    I'm looking for advice on a hand-held container / bag to help with the above items.  I sorta cringe at man purses, I'm not really a metro-sexual type.  Would prefer something that's not too big.  No backpacks or briefcases.  Don't want a long strap either.  Something I can cram my stuff into...
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    Custom ear molds for Shure E5c?

    I'm going crazy trying to find tips for my E5c's. Triple flange, yellow foamies, olive looking things, jeezus ... none of them sound right to me, not enough bass, tough time getting a really good seal ... these are my issues. If anybody can recommend their experiences with custom ear molds for...