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    Reply to review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Xduoo XQ-20'

    I unfortunately haven't tried the C&C BH amp.
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    KB EAR Audio impressions thread

    New review on the Tri i4, check it out.
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    Reply to review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Origem HS-3'

    No APTx HD support unfortunately.
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Kinera Sif'

    A journey always begins with one step and while I have already made reviews more than I have ever imagined I would when I decided to engage in this hobby, it’s nice to come full circle once again with one of the brands that jump-started Audio Realviews. Kinera was one of these brands. They...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'BGVP DM6'

    BGVP stands for Brilliant, Grand and Vivacious Products. And yes that wasn’t BGVP actually stands for yet it would seem appropriate given that their roots stemmed from their desire to create great sounding low-cost options to compete with the bigger audiophile IEM names. What started out as SIDY...
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    KB EAR Audio impressions thread

    It's actually not uncomfortable. It follows the same bullet design as the Etymotics and Final Audio E series IEMs. Wearing it over the ear is okay but it suits me best personally when worn cable down.
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Brainwavz Koel'

    Communication is an essential component of a community and while we have our own way of communicating via different sorts of languages, other species also have their own particular form of communication. Birds for example communicate with each other by constructing either a sequence of drawn-out...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'XDuoo X10Tii'

    There were times when stacking your choice of DAP, DAC and Amp was the “IN” thing in the audiophile community where if you had a stack, you’re cool. While the practice is still common, it has seen a steep decline thanks to the recent surge of DAPs that are either packed with great DACs and Amps...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Custom Art FIBAE Black'

    Show off a new design - the world glimpses; include fancy accessories - the world still glimpses. But create new technology and the world will watch, such is what Custom Art did. To audiophiles spanning the globe, the introduction of new of a design and the inclusion of fancy accessories in...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Toneking T4'

    Dynasties are synonymous to age-old Chinese folklore that doesn’t fall short of granting us with notable Imperial figures spearheaded by Genghis Khan, often referred to as the greatest conqueror of the world alongside Alexander the Great. I’ve had my fair share of being immersed into the Chinese...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'FiiO M3K'

    It’s easy to say that most of us remember our 1st time moments, they only not help us have an emotional attachment to the moment but to the things involved in the moment as well. I could still remember when I was younger and joined some local audio meet and have a taste of what audiophile’s love...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Burson Audio Playmate'

    The universe has a fun way of placing things were they ought to be and sometimes it places things differently than what we have planned for. I was never a PC guy but with PC master race peers, I eventually ended up with building my own rig. One of the tricky things that I found while building my...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'BQEYZ BQ3'

    Some things just take you by the name, either effectively or ineffectively depends on the individual’s personality towards a particular name. I was lucky enough to grow when the digital age started developing and advancing at a frantic pace. I can clearly remember the 1st time I was asked by...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Xduoo XQ-20'

    Using a dedicated amplifier for my daily dose of music was one of the things that paved the way for me to even consider diving into the audiophile world, I can still clearly remember the moment I unboxed my 1st ever DAC/AMP in the form of the iBasso dzero mk2 which I still have to this very day...
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    Review by 'Johnny Mac' on item 'Shozy BK Stardust'

    Shozy, a company based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong has already appeared on this blog with their Hibiki MK2 IEM offering which was also a collaboration with Advanced AcousticsWerkes. They are making their 2nd appearance in the form of their already known earbud offering, the Shozy BK Stardust. It...