Reading (philosophy, politics, science whatever) and music.
Headphone Inventory
Etymotic ER6
Westone UM2
beyerdynamic DT880
AKG K501
Grado SR225
Grado RS1
Grado HF2
Sennheiser HD600
Sennheiser HD650
Audio-Technica ESW9
Headphone Amp Inventory
Corda Aria
Mapletree Purist HD with upgraded power supply
Zana Deux
Source Inventory
Cowon X5L
Nokia Lumia 920
Hegel HD20 DAC
Corda Aria DAC
Eastsound E5 European edition
Cable Inventory
Analog Research Silver Raincoat
TCI Python Speaker cable
TCI Cobra RCA cable
And some digital cables
Other Audio Equipment
System Audio Mantra 60 speakers
Music Preferences
Mostly Metal
Quite a lot of classical music
Some prog rock, folk music and electronic music