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    Comment by 'Joeybgood' on listing 'Meze 99 Classics Walnut Silver'

    Wondering if you sold these? It's been well over a month, I see, but not marked sold. Thanks Joey
  2. Aavik Acoustics D-280 DAC (NEW)

    So..this is an incredible deal for someone. I acquired this DAC yesterday. It was part of the compensation for a business transaction. It was my intention to sell it ,all along, as I do not need another DAC. I am only asking what I needed to be compensated. This is $4000 under MSRP..($11500)...
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    Musician's Friend - Official Thread

    I own the X2/27 . How does the X2/27 and X2HR differ.? What specifically did they tweak that makes it more HR than the x2/27? tks
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    CanJam NYC 2018 Impressions (February 17-18, 2018)

    Looking for impressions of the Cayin HA-300 SET tube amp. Esp paired with the Meze Empyrean
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    Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

    If anyone knows someone in search of a Euforia, there is one in barely used condition(June '17) for sale on USAM for $1200. Mine is incoming from Poland or I would have def jumped on this. Cheers!
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    Win a SUSVARA

    Our world is comprised of many things of beauty. Music sits at the pinnacle for me . I would not wish to live in a world without music. I have given 30 years to the Dept of Corretions and have just recently retired after a long and challenging career. Acquiring headphones as transcendent and...
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    AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

    I'd be a proud member!! Love the 99s.
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    AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

    I would try to msg/email each of the retailers(there appear to be several that are all offering them at $348) and see if they will accept an even lower offer.
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    AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

      Soooooo. WTH? Are these the AQ Boost and Microsuede pads that I was JUST , 2 days ago, told  won't be available until late Nov/early Dec? hmmm.. Pays to have connections eager to hear impressions!
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    ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

    Hi Zach,,, When you say 'later' , would it need to be added/purchased  prior to the Dec 15th pre-order deadline to qualify for the $150 refund? 
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    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    Very cool. I have those exact same 2 DACs myself!!! 
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    AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

    wow... that is an awesome price. I might have to snap up a 2nd pair for a sweet deal like that!
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    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    Tim's incredible to work with. Honest, helpful and great with comms.